A Connection From Years Ago Erupts (The Stars This Week)

"Uranus in Taurus"Really really tired, friends, but I want to get a quick blog post out before I go home and take a nap.
Seriously. Before preparing for clients and the rest of my to-do list.

Neptune goes retrograde today while the Moon is in Virgo. THIS WILL GET ITS OWN BLOG POST.

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and Vesta are already retrograde! Mars goes retrograde next week!
URANUS IN EARLY TAURUS IS DIRECT. Remember that. Anything goes with Uranus. Expect the unexpected.
Even under this retrograde sky.

With all these retrogrades and Uranus direct: some developments or surprises, but many of the developments are continuations. Part two, part, three, part four. Continuing stories. Every step forward is a REview. A chance to REvise. And then BAM out of nowhere! A connection from YEARS AGO.. It erupts! 

Pay attention to your life.

You know what? I’ll write a PART TWO later today – but let me share this for now:

We have another GRAND WATER TRINE as Mercury in Cancer aspects both Jupiter and Neptune.
And the SUN in Cancer will do the same soon enough.

SUN ENTERS CANCER on Thursday as Venus in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius. Emotional debate.
Sun sextiles Uranus on Friday and… I better stop for now. More to come. Stay tuned…