The Stars This Week: Aquarius Holds Up The World (With Love From The Swamp Palace)

"venus sextile chiron" The week begins with the exact Sun Venus conjunction in Gemini.
We have been New Moon-ed. You have set your intentions. This aspect is a lovely blessing BUT…

The Moon is now in Cancer (Monday) and the Sun Venus conjunction makes an inconjunct to Pluto.

In plain English?

The lighthearted fun Gemini vibe is less lighthearted and fun. You have to MAKE ROOM FOR PLUTO intensity on Monday and Tuesday — although I think many of us will risk doing one or the other.

Pluto likes to throw her weight around and Gemini gets distracted. Problem is this distraction could cost you. Pay attention to Pluto. Who is power tripping you? What or who are you willfully ignoring?

Tuesday is cranky because of the lingering affect of this inconjunct and the Cancer Moon aspecting Pluto and Uranus. Stress alert. Possible tantrums. End of the world? NO. But emotions in motion. Grown-ups acting like children.

Wednesday and Thursday belong to VENUS (love, money, what you value) but listen to this —

Venus is sextile Chiron (helpful, healing, your health care professionals are in their element) but then on Thursday, Mercury in Taurus opposes Mars (retrograde) in late Scorpio. Moon is in Leo – so we have a t-square (more stress) Thursday and Friday with Aquarius as the empty leg.

Again, in plain English: the crankiness continues. Can good things still happen? SURE. They can and they will but the backdrop is a bit frustrating – especially that Mercury Mars opposition.

Mercury and Mars in fixed (stubborn) signs – with one of them retrograde and the other in immoveable TAURUS. Frustration. Someone’s gonna want to fight you. Aquarians will referee.

There’s a lot going on over the weekend so I’ll try to blog about that separately —


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