This Weekend Could Change Your Life: Mercury Uranus + Full Moon In Fire

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I started this post yesterday

I’m having all kinds of feelings and not sure what they all are, but this morning my toilet was leaking into the apartment below me.

I heard a knock at the door. The super and a guy from management investigated. The place downstairs being renovated. And then Gio told me he and Chris are both having plumbing issues and WHAT TRANSIT IS THIS besides a Full Moon in my 4th House.

Funny, a friend and fellow psychic said she saw me dealing with some domestic stuff this summer but it “didn’t feel bad.”

The leaky toilet. Are those the feelings? The prediction? Water? Leak. Tears. So overwhelming, overflowing as to be a problem. Was the apartment mirroring my state of mind? I have a lot on my mind lately. And then something magical happened in analysis which I wrote about on Substack, a subscriber-only post.


June 3rd.
Sagittarius. 13 degrees.
Full Moons REVEAL

And then Sunday we have the Mercury Uranus fusion which is… what’s really on my mind so I’m gonna keep writing about it.

Let’s review with a little help from Isabel Hickey from her book Astrology: A Cosmic Science which you really should have in your occult library.

Mercury: intellect, reasoning power, perception, communication, speaking and writing, skills, youth, short journeys, nerves/lungs/shoulders/arms/hands.

Uranus: freedom, independence, originality, sudden change, rebellious, electricity, cosmic consciousness, transformation, Divine will, inventions.

What do we need to know about this? What questions do we need to ask?

This could be a job for the Tarot. Let’s see…

Knight of Pentacles: easy does it. It’s right in front of your face.
And Temperance? Okay y’all I’m reading Temperance as a caution card. Knight of Pentacles too. Don’t move too fast. Something or someone is gonna push you or there’s an opportunity on the way and you’re gonna need to measure. You’re gonna need to ask yourself: IS IT WORTH IT.

Remember, my friends, dear star lovers, we got a crowd in your Taurus House these days. North Node in Taurus. Mercury in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus. Am I forgetting something?

But the information about feeling pushed or pressed came through as a download and you know what that means: it means THE GUIDES are speaking. It’s not bad, no it’s not bad, but it could feel… overwhelming? You could feel… lucky? You could feel… scared? You might not know how to feel. Your mind going a million miles a minute in all directions.

So. The advice: Knight of Pentacles. Steady yourself. Upright. Easy does it. Plus Temperance: find your footing. Use your wise mind. Will it be difficult? Will it be fun? Will it be clear and bright? What will it be? You’ll know soon enough.

To be continued…