Pluto In Aquarius: A Series (Part One)

I feel a little speechless actually. I started studying astrology when Pluto was in Sagittarius. And now, flash forward, it’s ending its time in Capricorn.

And I’m not going to go “in order” as if there were any order to go in, and I’m going to start with a personal approach although I have some thoughts on the Pluto in Aquarius experience for the collective. And by “personal approach” I mean how Pluto in Aquarius may affect you.

The first thing you have to know is that Pluto travels really slowly so it won’t be just ONE THING. Pluto in Aquarius will be *many* things to us all. I tell my clients this all the time, regarding these long transits: there’s no simple, easy, correct, one-right-answer.

But we can learn about the energy of Pluto and we can learn about the planets of yours it will contact and we can learn about the house it will be moving through for you and we can learn about Aquarius and we can put it all together and try to make sense of it. Pluto changing signs is a really big deal. This is probably the last Pluto ingress I’ll live to write about (until my next lifetime). Pluto enters a part of your chart, a part of your life, and it stays for so long that it can feel like a natal placement. I have three planets in Cancer. One by one, Pluto in Capricorn opposed them all.

Pluto can spend twenty years in a sign! Pluto first entered Capricorn in 2008 and it will leave Capricorn this March 2023 and enter Aquarius. (And yes it will retro back to Capricorn in 2023 as well. It’s not until 2024 that Pluto *won’t* retrograde back to Capricorn.)

The least you need to know:
Pluto moves slowly. Pluto changing signs is a big deal. Pluto will spend 20 years in Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius will affect us all on a personal level.

It’s a big deal because Pluto moves so slowly i.e. your life will change, inside and out. You don’t have a Pluto transit for hours or days or months. Pluto transits last YEARS.

Upcoming topics:

What is Pluto
What is Aquarius
What if Pluto is conjunct your stuff
What if Pluto is opposite your stuff
What if Pluto is square your stuff
What if Pluto is trine your stuff

Of course it depends what stuff, but I’m gonna go broad first (I think) and then see about narrowing things down.

And then comes the advice, right? How to survive a Pluto transit.

Listen, I survived the Uranus Pluto square. Uranus was in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. They were square/opposite my Sun AT THE SAME TIME. It was brutal. Sudden destruction. I lost everything more than once. Now, of course my experience won’t be the same as yours and vice versa but themes can be pulled from the rubble. There was a year when EVERY planet (and I do mean every, including Chiron) was making a HARD aspect to my Sun or Moon or angles. It was probably Jupiter on my Moon that saved me.

As I sit here, though, typing this, I think to myself: the first bit of advice I have for you, if you’re about to have a difficult Pluto transit, is to build something. Build something. Even if you are starting from scratch. If Pluto lets it stand, it will stand as long as you want it to. Build something. Invest in something. If there’s **nothing** or no one that’s you care about, you won’t make it. You have to care. You have to care enough to build and to invest, even if that investment is only your own survival. Pluto transits are Ten of Wands, grueling but you get there.

I wonder how things will change. Speaking as someone with many cardinal planets for whom Pluto antagonized one by one… I wonder how life will feel without that pressure. I can hardly imagine. Will it feel different? I wonder.

So much more to say. To be continued…