Looking Forward To The Scorpio Moon (Really!!)

"full moon eclipse in libra" I would not be surprised if you still feel the effects of the Full Moon Eclipse, not surprised at all (i.e. crazy emotional or just crazy or just emotional) and keep in mind as well that Libra Moon in general may not be doing your chart any favors. Think about it. We’re all out of balance right now. The struggle is real! So be easy on yourself.

Right now the Moon is heading to oppose my Chiron. Moon Chiron (so painful). I am not crazy about today’s stars nor tomorrow’s. The Moon continues her travels through Libra (bumpy roads, square Pluto, opposing Uranus). I suppose we should be thankful for the Moon Mars sextile and the Mercury Mars trine (we can get in the car, we can rise above) but honestly I just feel…

emotional. Moon Chiron = hurts all the time! (At least I only have this by transit and I do sympathize with those of you who live with this year round. I have Sun square Chiron so I know a bit about hard Chiron aspects but Moon Chiron? Please no.)

And we are heading into Venus in Pisces square Saturn and Saturn going retrograde on the same day. You may feel you have come to a dead stop and you do not like where you are. BUT…

the weekend is way better. Survive until then. Scorpio Moon may not be your favorite but the aspects are good, lots of easy, helpful trines and sextiles and then?

And then it’s another Monday and you’ve entered the Promised Land. You fucking made it.


This Trip You’re On: Saturn Goes Retrograde (March 25th)

"saturn retrograde" I need a lot of extra sleep these days and not because I’m physically tired.

I’m preparing for the next part of my journey – this is mental, emotional, spiritual preparation which does not require effort. Meaning, what’s happening to me happens effortlessly but still requires deep rest, deep sleep. Kinda like the tarot Death card. It’s happening without you trying. The process. Moon in Virgo today. Process.

I imagine a sleep work sleep work sleep work eat shit sleep work schedule over the next few days as I gather in. And be very quiet so I settle the way sand settles to the bottom. Nutrient. Fortify root chakra.

And this morning I drew the Queen of Swords for my day, the cutting and the wisdom. The emotional preparations are done. It’s clear.

I tend to open my sacral chakra before readings these days and I can feel that for this journey I’ll be opening them all. Let ‘em spin, wide-eyed.


A big week, my friends.

The Eclipse of Letting Go. It’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Libra and 100% I am telling you it is time to let go of the past. Memories. I know there is a memory of someone you are holding. It’s a bad memory or a good memory. It’s 1000 scrapbooks, cascade of images, it’s part of you but not for much longer. Bad memories are part of us. Trauma. Bullshit. Let it go. Ramble along and let go. Effortlessly. Ride. Don’t try. Don’t think. But don’t resist either. It wants to come out like a vicious splinter. The Full Moon sextiles Mars in Sagittarius and the Sun trines it. This makes it EZ. Eclipse medicine. Eclipse magick.

And then on Friday Saturn goes retrograde, which is weird because Mars is so very forward in Sag at this time so WHICH WILL IT BE? What journey are you on? What part of the journey? Separation? Initiation? Return? Uncertain? It’s a relaxation of the rules. Less Saturn = more freedom. See?

That’s what Saturn in Sagittarius is about, you know. The trip. This trip you’re on. And who came to patch your flat tire and who left you alone on the highway, scared and alone. That’s what this Saturn in Sagittarius is about. Friendship and hope.

But now Saturn goes back with Mars still moving forward and something has changed. Yes, you can still trust who you have discovered you can trust but…

This theme here. This theme of automatic. Effortlessness. The ride.

You’re not stuck. You’re definitely not stuck. There is a difference between stuck and resistance. Go WITH the energy. Observe it and don’t resist.

And now to get up and greet the day. Have a great day everyone.


Here Comes The Full Moon Eclipse In Libra (The Truth About Your Love Life Is Here)

"full moon eclipse in libra"The Swords cards in the Tarot are about the truth. All the Swords cards.

Having truth, finding truth, denying truth, celebrating truth, crying over the truth, searching for truth.

Consider for the moment, the Eight of Swords, which may be a card of meditation, eyes closed, or a card of denial of the truth or refusal to see the truth or inability. Or perhaps just waiting. All Swords are about the truth.

And consider for the moment this week’s Full Moon Eclipse in LIBRA, an Air sign. Although some read Swords as fire, I (and many) read them as Air.

Full Moons and Full Moon Eclipses reveal. They reveal the truth. IN A BIG WAY. And when an Eclipse is in Libra, you get the scoop on your relationships.

See, Libra doesn’t want to reveal. Libra, like Scorpio, keeps secrets. Romantic secrets. They use use persuasive words, diplomacy, the masks of sweet words and charm (hi Venus!) to dodge the sweet nut of the truth OH YES the truth is sweet, just like the Swords are sweet.

Oh really, MoonPluto (I hear you saying!).


"moon square pluto"Because without the truth, we cannot make proper decisions. Without the truth, we cannot leave or stay. Without the truth, we live a lie. And the lowest vibration of Libra hides the truth from him/herself and hides the truth from others.

This is not JUST, which is why it is the low vibration of Libra.

His/her true feelings? They will come out! His/her true thoughts? About YOU? They will come out. Full Moons bring news, revelation, confession! CONFESSION!!!!!!!

And perhaps you already received your confession around the New Moon Eclipse! There will be more!

My advice: do not resist the light of the Swords suit. DO NOT RESIST THE LIGHT OF THE SWORDS SUIT. Do not resist the Eclipse energy of truth.

In fact, I think this Eclipse is about your relationships FIRST and about your Libra House second. I’m usually a much more house-biased astrologer but I FEEL this one.

Also this is the last of the Aries/Libra eclipse cycle! We had all these eclipses during the Uranus Pluto square and what a mess that was! What a mess of your life that was! I hope you are picking up your pieces from the rubble. I know many of you are still suffering and I send you healing and love through the waves.

"sun conjunct jupiter"Important to note: the Full Moon will oppose not only the Sun in Aries but also Mercury (heart vs head) AND sextile Mars. Did you hear that? That’s good — a sextile to Mars in Sagittarius. Drive away! Just drive away, run away, LEAVE the people who do not support your life, who do not care, who do not reciprocate, who do not treat you JUSTLY. Your heart and your feelings and your feet (or your car!) are aligned. Just go. You can do this. Just go. Whatever you need to let go, whatever you need to release. Do it!!!! Treat yourself justly!

(However, MoonPluto, I, am not responsible for your decision. You have free-will. You are a (hopefully) responsible adult. I can advise you but please do not take advice based on a blog post. We can speak privately if you feel called.)

For many of you, this eclipse will be good and kind news, blunt revelation, sweet Sword! You’ll discover allies you didn’t know you had.

Good luck my lovelies! It’s going to be GREAT!


The Yearning: Between The Eclipses Is Very Damp

"new moon eclipse in pisces" The transits between the Eclipses matter. 

This week:

Sun conjunct Chiron in PISCES
Mercury conjunct Neptune in PISCES
Venus entering yes PISCES

Next week:

Mercury square Saturn (Pisces challenge from Sag but how much of a challenge is that? Which drink to order at the bar? How many to have? Who to invite?)
Venus square Mars (See above)

Mercury sextile Pluto
JUPITER TRINE PLUTO (with Jupiter retrograde)
(Making a mental note: two good Pluto transits)

Mercury conjunct Chiron: more Pisces

SUN ENTERS ARIES – Spring Equinox 

Venus conjunct Neptune OMG IN PISCES

Okay I’m not done listing transits yet but mostly I feel dreamy creamy two weeks.

And then Mercury enters Aries and on Eclipse day (the Full Moon eclipse), Jupiter squares Saturn, totally breaking you. In a good way. Breaking through. Through you. Breaking your fear.

I am grateful for the last Eclipse in this Aries/Libra series (on the 23rd). I’ll write more about it as it gets closer but let me share just this one thing now – about this Full Moon Eclipse – it is about your relationships. It’s also about your Libra House, those issues, and it’s about your individual chart, but something will be done, will come to a close – in LibraLand for you and it could be great i.e. you were separated from your lover and now you are reunited. That kind of thing. Or all those years of hard work (perhaps Libra is your 10th) and FINALLY… you are seen.


Trust No One: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun" When Pluto opposes your Sun, you become the criminal.

So the question becomes: how do you act, behave, now?

You must get smart. Do you have to become a “bad” person? Not exactly. But you do have to change. Acknowledge your shadow but it’s more than simple acknowledgement.

You can’t behave in the same ways. You can’t continue to be so open. Study the manipulative people in your life. They’ll show you how it’s done. Things you’d never dream of doing. I don’t mean to break your own ethics or morality. Or am I? You have to blend your sweet Sun sign with a killer (instinct) now to prevent being destroyed. You will be falsely accused and you’ll have to figure out how to precede, case by case.

And yes there will be even more ethical questions when Jupiter is in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn making things “easier.”

You may be asked to lie, to bear falsely, to play the game, to see the criminal in you, to play the game, the very games you despise and you good boys and girls may have a hard time with this, a very hard time with this OR you may discover it’s not hard for you at all (which may be shocking).

Because Pluto is not about justice. Pluto is about power. Learn from the people around you who get what they want with minimal effort. They usually are getting it on someone’s back. There is some work they are not doing. Someone is being used. Someone is making it easier for them.

Up until now it’s been child’s play… in terms of the person you need to become.


Virgo Moon Says: More Than One Feline Is Best

"full moon eclipse in libra" I feel like I lost track.

Maybe it was tunnel vision.

I was working on my site makeover (which you see here) and my taxes and I had some health issues in February and I want to visit my sister depending on health matters normalizing and… now what?

It was all these big projects. Do I now have the space to decide? Which one to approach? Or more than one?

What is the most important thing NOW? What is the priority, besides what is right in front of me, my clients, home…

Virgo usually sees what is right there and can miss the Big Picture. Saturn in Sagittarius is retrograde. Does that make our vision bigger or smaller?

Nothing settled.
The past is.
The present is.
The future is… ?

In between Eclipses. Jupiter goes direct just a few days after the Full Moon. We are hovering, neither here nor there.

I did a Celtic Cross for myself before taking a nap.

Nine of Wands was my outcome. “You will live to fight another day.”

Discipline. Courage. Strength. Looks like I’m not giving up.

Virgo Moon says:

If you are in the fight zone, you may need some extra rest. I suggest felines for this. And a comfortable mattress. And a good tea. More than one mattress, more than one tea. I’ve been making ginger infusions (although not before bed — ginger is stimulating) but drinking it until around this time (late afternoon). I also like more than one place to sleep. And more than one cat.

The Full Moon Eclipse on Saturday no doubt brings a resolution or ending to some part of your life and yet…? More question marks again.

I like these words from DJ Conway in her Moon Magick book:

In order to open a new door, we must close an old one. Often we know this must be done, but are at a loss of how to do it. This ritual will set the stage. Be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.

Are you ready to close one door and open another? What will you do? 

"full moon eclipse in libra"

I Am Obsessed With The Total Lunar Eclipse In Libra & Here’s Another Reason Why

"uranus square pluto" I want to talk to you about Pluto leaks, power leaks.

See, there are all these ways to lose power. Some of them we cannot help. Like the city has a power outage and you are suddenly in the dark.

I had an incident yesterday. No fault of my own. But I got Pluto-ed. And I came home, upset by this (it wasn’t exactly a run-in with the law per se but it was with Authority Figures and you may say this is Saturn but it is Pluto too) and there was nothing I could do. It happened. The only thing I can do now is decide what next. Do I pay or do I fight? I already paid yesterday, in energy.

And it made me think about all the little ways, all the little ways we lose or give up our power. Like having a roommate who never does any housework. Maybe you are grateful to split the rent and bills and have someone to talk to sometimes, but you still lose. Some compromises are worth it. Some aren’t. You must decide! Always measuring, always weighing.

Where is the leak? Where in your life is the leak? There are probably more than one. And do you have the power to plug it up? Do you want to plug it up? Is it time? It’s not always time. Sometimes there is a trade-off, like with my example above. You  accept the devil you know. Or maybe it’s just not time to move. So you tolerate, as best you can, a situation where no one cleans up but you. Or maybe it’s your husband or wife, not a roommate, but your partner. And NO ONE CLEANS UP BUT YOU (yes, this is a metaphor now).

Such matters are on my mind because this week’s TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA is direct and I do mean DIRECT information about the power dynamic in your relationships, all of them. Total revelation. The plant medicine is above ground. You can feel it, see it, touch it, hear it. You can taste the Total Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

This Eclipse will present to you a leak or too.  That’s what it tastes like. This is also your Uranus Pluto story. How you’d been drained of life-force, blood, due to these leaks. It may be something very small actually, but worth your attention. Adjust it and you’ll feel much better :)

Your thoughts? 

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Drink Up From Your Eight Of Cups (Full Moon Eclipse In Libra)

"full moon eclipse in libra" I just drew a few cards for someone. It’s a regular weekend thing I do, the Weekly Tarot (click here for info and scroll down) and one of her cards was the Eight of Cups so I suggested a Tashlich type ritual for her because the Eight of Cups woman is walking away.

From Wikipedia:

The Zohar, the most important book of Jewish mysticism, states that “whatever falls into the deep is lost forever.”

I suggested water, a water ritual, casting into the sea.

You can Google Tashlich on your own, but know this:

the prison in which you find yourself, of your own making, of their making, it is not the place for you, not now, not anymore.

"full moon eclipse in libra"
Full Moon Eclipse in Libra
allows us to leave “partnerships” that are confining. Partnerships that are WRONG. This word “partnership,” long associated with Libra and 7th House can refer to ANY person place or thing or habit of mind you find yourself mixed up in that no longer fits you.

With every ending comes a beginning because space is created, a lack, an opening to be filled. Or can we just, temporarily, or as long as we choose, leave the space unfilled because that also is okay. Not rush to stuff it with junk food for the soul. Why do we rush? We rush to fill the lack because the hole, the space, contains a scream, terror, that we feel we are not permitted to voice or hear.

For the moment this scream is the Uranus Pluto square aspecting the Full Moon in Libra. The dastardly bastardly dynamic duo are separating yes, the last square is complete yes but they are tightly wound together still and making a mockery of Libra’s peace equanimity.

You think you got pretty? You think you got nice? You think you got fair? Ha! Instead (the Eclipse says) I shall bring you URANUS MOON (crazy up and down the scales crazy music, atonal, reversed Two of Cups) and PLUTO MOON (emotional intensity, reactivity, volcanic, atomic, cutting).

Be kind to yourself. The world out there is hard enough. Be kind.

NEW POST from Belief Net: Page of Swords
NEW INFORMATION about working with me 
DETAILS about April’s Poetry Workshop! Yes! 

What To Do, How To Get Through: Full Moon Eclipse In Libra This Weekend

"full moon eclipse in libra"
(picture by Aliza, New Palladini Tarot)

Today’s Astrological Warning + Tarot:

Let the ships go by, my friends. Don’t get on board and don’t jump any ship you are already on. Look ahead. You’ve got work to do. There may be all kinds of distraction and interference in the background but don’t you lose focus. The King of Cups doesn’t spill all over. He/She has a Kingdom to contain. I know you, reading this, may feel powerless today, tomorrow, but that’s Eclipse Season for ya — can be weird, shocking, uncomfortable, surprising but remember:

maturity, creativity (I also pulled the Empress today — fertile creativity — but didn’t show her in the video), the Cup as power, emotional wealth and strength is your power. Hold onto it until you need it. Have a good cry, if you need it but then straighten yourself out and get back to business. Your Kingdom needs you xx

My Mid-Life Transits, Eclipse Season, And The Cardinal Cross

I’m in my early 40s and for the next few years my Sun will be aspected by Uranus and Pluto.

Not exact at this time but in orb.
And I’ve looked sideways at these transits.
A little afraid.
A little curious.
My Sun is pretty well aspected in my natal.

And this morning I had a revelation which I shared in the chat room about my emotional state (i.e. emotional happiness and fulfillment) overall.

And now I realize my POWER:
once I realized “where I was at,” once I had the knowledge, I could/can make changes.

And how it’s taken me months to get here (to this not so new discovery)
And how THIS IS MY JOB (or one of them) in this lifetime.
To uncover The Emotional Truth. For myself and for others.

And the question becomes: how to get from here to there.
Baby meet bathwater ;)

Do you know the feeling? Grateful for the feeling but… what now?

And how without that feeling, without that TRUTH, you can’t begin.

Because you don’t know where to begin. You just feel poison.

But once you uncover your triggering town (to quote Richard Hugo) you can write the poem.
Your life’s poem.

I’d like to quote Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg but you can look it up yourself. Give the old man’s ghost some traffic :) Or look up his prose work The Trigger Town which isn’t just a creative manual but a guide to life.

The choice is yours.

But first you have to meet your fundamental truth and once you meet your fundamental truth you will begin to know what to keep and what not to keep. And you can take your time figuring this out actually because now that you know your truth, you can stop being poison. You have time to choose. You have time to decide. Make a list. OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Everything that surrounds. Everything your life is made of. And check things off one by one. Keep or not. Keep or not. There, not there. Hold on to what you deem worthy. And release the rest so you can make room for what you want truly.

It’s okay to want what you want. It’s okay to go after what you want. It’s okay to take time to break down and build up. But this is Step One.

Is this a story for all of April? For Eclipse Season? I think so.

One more thought: the change you need to make (or not make) may be as small as the eye of a needle, but worth it to find out.

Love, MP


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And Then Come The Blooming Roses (For Moon Pluto People & Others With Intense Emotions)

Of course you don’t have to be a Moon Pluto person to have a hard time.

But I think Moon Pluto people experience an extra dose of the loony intensity when it comes to the lunations.

Because we are accessing Pluto every single time we feel ANYTHING.

So get the straightjacket ready because we may not be flying right the next few days. Full Moon Eclipse is on Tuesday.

I’m teasing but I’m also serious about this.

From my Facebook:

About Moon Pluto people and their response to Eclipse energy.

Moon Pluto people access Pluto EVERY TIME THEY FEEL.

And I’m talking about the Moon Pluto conjunction but this may resonate for others.

Got that? A N Y T H I N G.

ANY and EVERY feeling.

SO even when a Moon Pluto person feels happy, they also feel PLUTO. Pluto is right there, right beside.

And many find this hard to deal!

Unless they are… chock full of superpower (similar but different to the Moon Pluto person).

You have to be STRONG to withstand the whirlwind turbulent that is a Moon Pluto person accessing and expressing PLUTO. Words and feelings, words and feelings.

See, it’s different than a Scorpio Sun or a Scorpio Moon who may fly beneath the radar. You may feel their intensity but you don’t always witness the flay.

With Moon Pluto there is no hiding. It’s living with Pluto. LITERALLY! Moon is the house, the home.

And I get it. Not everyone wants to live with Pluto. The constant death and rebirth on an emotional level. The RELENTLESS digging for answers. The constant need for repair. Kill it off. Bring it back. It can be exhausting until the Moon Pluto person’s person realizes what it is. That it’s a PROCESS. Not an end point.

Yes we claw at the sore until it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds but then we heal.
And then come the blooming roses.

So the question becomes: what do you want ? Do you want a garden? Do you want THIS garden? 

Love, MP


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Advice For Hard Transits (Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Libra)

In one of the chatrooms, a gal was asking how we were all feeling with the Eclipse energy moving in.

I thought this was a great question.

My advice is to start small.

I mean, if you are having motivational trouble.
Or feeling overwhelmed.
That ONE thing you have to do.
Those TWO things you have to do.
And that’s it.

And you can plan your week this way. Plan the rest of April this way. Day by day. Because that’s how it is sometimes in times of trouble.

Eat. Sleep. Bathe. YES YES YES.

And then those TWO things you must do.

I’m increasing it from ONE to TWO.

And I’ll do it if you do it :)


we all need time.
And we feel like we don’t have time.
And we may feel like others are pushing us to NOT take the time we need to adjust to what is happening but we need time to adjust and we DO NOT have time to adjust.
That’s the Eclipse, right? That’s the energy. Whoosh whoosh whoosh. Slice and dice.
And if it’s not you then it’s someone around you.
The changes could be good. The changes could be bad.
Your job is to create time in your day for this adjustment.
Reality + adjustment + some distraction/escape and to KNOW, to BELIEVE that you will be okay anyway.

Even though right now it doesn’t feel like it.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra and right now the Moon is in Virgo so get yourself together.
Keep busy. Be helpful. Be clear. Keep the critical words (to self or others) to a minimum.

And if you find yourself in a dark place then turn on a light.
Even a small one.
And I mean this literally and metaphorically.
I’m going to light a candle right now for you, because I know you need it.
Because you don’t want to be abandoned. And you want to be brave. And you want to feel good.
And all of that may seem impossible.
You, reading this.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s okay to be afraid.
That’s your soft spot.
Right there.
Heart Chakra.
Lung chakra :)
You don’t have to shut down.
You can get closer to it.
That fear is your heart beating.
Stay right there with it.
Don’t go.
Don’t shut down.
Right there.
A little while longer.
It’s a hook.
Do you feel the image I’m feeling? It’s like… you are reaching out and you are stretching out your arm and you are stretching out your hand and you are praying the one on the other side of you, way over there, is reaching out to you too, to grab your arm, to grab your hand, and you are reaching, you are stretching, you are past the point, but the thing is this… that other person across the way is YOU.  See, this is about Venus. About loving YOURSELF.

God I wish I were a choreographer because I saw those two people in my head and it was a dance. The best dance of all. The most terrifying dance of all. Being vulnerable. Being afraid. Opening your heart and your words to show someone who you TRULY ARE, even the worst parts, the very worst parts that are so ugly you wish they didn’t exist and you wish they would just go away. But they are part of you. And they actually aren’t ugly at all. Not at all.

Okay folks. This Full Moon in Libra is all about embracing YOU. Highest vibration of the current nodal axis. North Node in Libra. South Node in Aries. Get it? Two halves to a whole and the whole is you.

Love, MP


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