The Yearning: Between The Eclipses Is Very Damp

The transits between the Eclipses matter. 

This week:

Sun conjunct Chiron in PISCES
Mercury conjunct Neptune in PISCES
Venus entering yes PISCES

Next week:

Mercury square Saturn (Pisces challenge from Sag but how much of a challenge is that? Which drink to order at the bar? How many to have? Who to invite?)
Venus square Mars (See above)

Mercury sextile Pluto
JUPITER TRINE PLUTO (with Jupiter retrograde)
(Making a mental note: two good Pluto transits)

Mercury conjunct Chiron: more Pisces

SUN ENTERS ARIES – Spring Equinox 

Venus conjunct Neptune OMG IN PISCES

Okay I’m not done listing transits yet but mostly I feel dreamy creamy two weeks.

And then Mercury enters Aries and on Eclipse day (the Full Moon eclipse), Jupiter squares Saturn, totally breaking you. In a good way. Breaking through. Through you. Breaking your fear.

I am grateful for the last Eclipse in this Aries/Libra series (on the 23rd). I’ll write more about it as it gets closer but let me share just this one thing now – about this Full Moon Eclipse – it is about your relationships. It’s also about your Libra House, those issues, and it’s about your individual chart, but something will be done, will come to a close – in LibraLand for you and it could be great i.e. you were separated from your lover and now you are reunited. That kind of thing. Or all those years of hard work (perhaps Libra is your 10th) and FINALLY… you are seen.