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Apologies For My Absence & How To Find Me

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It has been a crazy January including the flu which I am currently getting over! Not sure when I’ll be back to regular blogging. Fingers crossed February at the latest. 

I’ll probably be back on Facebook sooner than here. Often my Astrology and Tarot posts are PUBLIC.  You can Follow me there.

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SATURN IN CAPRICORN: January On-Line Course! Join Us!

Class begins JANUARY 2, 2018 and the class will run five weeks.

This class is SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS but those more versed in astrology can enjoy and learn as well.

In this class, you will definitely learn astrology, although please note this is not a “basic A-Z astrology class” nor is it a class in “how to read a chart.”
But neither of those skills is necessary here. 

This is a class on WHY the Saturn in Capricorn transit matters, what it’s about, what it means, how it will affect YOU personally.

We will answer such questions as:

*what is Saturn anyway? What does it symbolize in the horoscope?
*what is Capricorn energy like? Why is Saturn in Capricorn special?
*will I become a Capricorn when Saturn is in Capricorn?
*how does Saturn in Capricorn differ from Saturn in Sagittarius (the transit we are finishing)
*what is this word “transit” you keep using?
*why does this transit matter??? Does it REALLY matter?
*how will it affect ME?

And more! 

See, planet Saturn is changing signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn and will stay in Capricorn for THREE YEARS. This is the PERFECT AMOUNT OF TIME and in the class I’ll explain WHY.

We are ending a cycle. We are beginning a cycle. We have old lessons to finish!!!! and new lessons to begin.

You will get immersed in the language and the concepts of astrology and I will strive to speak in plain English (without dumbing anything down) but I am always ready and willing to answer questions.

"saturn in capricorn"


This class has three hearts :)

Heart number one will be found in the Weekly Lessons which will be sent by Email to all participants.

These lessons are being created for this class special! and may also contain excerpts from my book which is coming out in June (The Little Book of Saturn – click on the link here to see).

The Weekly Lessons will have information, inspiration, and a special theme each week, along with discussion prompts for the group (and other goodies and resources that I want to share with you). These Lessons are the anchor for each week. 

Heart number two will be familiar to my previous students! It’s the SECRET Facebook Group which is for discussion and questions and answers and homework and for you to ask: WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, Aliza? And then I do my best to answer :)

The purpose of the Group is to build community, conversation, and to share experience and ideas regarding Saturn and astrology and LIFE itself.

Astrology IS real life! 

Heart number three are YOUR CHARTS, which will be posted in the secret group (unless you don’t want your chart up). On those discussion threads, I will discuss the highlights of what Saturn in Capricorn means for YOU individually. Participants who feel comfortable reading charts are welcome to chime in as well, but it’s not required.

And as I wrote at the top of this blog post: one of my goals with this class is to make Saturn FUN :) after all, Saturn transits are known for their life lessons (which aren’t always so fun). Saturn and FUN in the same sentence? YES! :)

"saturn in capricorn"


By the end of class you will:
gain practical knowledge and wisdom. Saturn in Capricorn wouldn’t have it any other way.

You will understand the astrological Saturn better and the sign of Capricorn better. You will have a greater understanding of how astrology works in your life. You will grasp the meaning of what Saturn in Sagittarius was for you (these last two and half years) and what Saturn in Capricorn CAN BE.

We will also discuss the PRACTICAL and spiritual steps all of us can take to make this transit the best it can be. Transits can bring good and challenging energies to our life. Often both at once. This class will arm you with knowledge, information, practical advice, spiritual wisdom, community, strength, and grace.
By the time we begin, Saturn will have been in Capricorn only a couple weeks! Consider this class your map, your sky, your walking boots.

You don’t need to be scared of Saturn. I’ll walk us through this transit, this big change in all our lives, step by step, with love. 

The Little Book of Saturn

Payment is through PayPal.
Use the PayPal site to Send Money to this email address:

If you have questions, you can message me on Facebook or email me.

You do NOT have to be on Facebook to join the class but then you would *only* be receiving the Weekly Lessons (if you want to do that, I do not mind, but you will miss the community portion of the class). 

Any questions? Want to pay? Do either/both at moonpluto@gmail.

The fee is a sliding scale: pick a number between $99 and $145. 

If you want to book a Reading: the information is here 
To pre-order my book: the link is here 
To become a PATRON is $1 and you get videos and writing for Patrons only!

Goodbye 2017 :) goodbye goodbye :) 
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On Being a Medium And Structuring Those Readings In Particular

"mercury square chiron"
On the topic of doing more mediumship, not just when it shows up spontaneously, as it did the other day.

Was actually “just” exchanging cards with a friend who is also a professional intuitive and… there he was:

a dead person, a relative of her husband and… it was him. No doubt about it.  It was him. Random details though.

And so I wondered: why these random details. Why do I get this information that so and so likes such and such. And last night I focused for a split second on another client with a departed family member and again the details came, seemingly random, likes and dislikes kind of thing but specific.

Last night I thought about it and what I think is that these details show up so we KNOW for sure that this is a specific person. And it’s more than one detail, it’s a bunch. It’s to confirm identity. It may be hazy at first. It’s a male. Older. And then THE DETAILS.

Wondering and thinking okay then what?? because this is not something I have studied. I often learn as I go, by experience. Figure this out. Okay, identity confirmed. THEN WHAT?

Then I think it’s whatever the (living) person wants to know:

do they want a message? Do they want to know more about the death? I got visions of that too last night. I am discovering that I can feel if someone is hovering around or has “gone to the light” – pardon the hackneyed language but it works. There has to be a part two to the part one details.

The other day I spoke to someone whose husband I was certain was not hovering around her. I do not believe hovering is a bad thing although I think some may say it is – that it’s better to finish the process but I’m not convinced (and not convinced that’s how it works totally).

I want to do more of this so in the process of figuring out HOW, for me. How it will work.

And it’s a process of trial and error and trust.
More to come on this…


"moon conjunct pluto"


"mars square pluto"Okay folks here is a LINK TO MY NEWSLETTER and it has all the Black Friday deals which are available ALL WEEKEND LONG. 

What’s on sale? EVERYTHING pretty much: 

-the smaller Reading Bundle (which is four hours of time) $300
-60 minute Readings $90
-30 minute Readings $50
-Email Readings $125
-I don’t usually advertise the MINI TAROT but those are back for a limited time $35

All Readings purchased over 15 minutes get a FREE Tarot mini!

ALL DETAILS IN THE NEWSLETTER (yes there are additional details)

"uranus in taurus"

Got questions? Message me at moonpluto@gmail.com

How To Get Unstuck Using Astrology (And Tarot)

"sun square pluto"
2014 Hanged Man

This is exactly what astrology is for. Getting unstuck.

You have a birth chart. You have to learn your birth chart.

You need to listen to a competent astrologer or other guide that you trust. One who will tell you what your strengths are and what your weaknesses/defaults are.  Doesn’t have to be me, but that’s a big part of my job. I admit not everyone wants to hear about their shadow or what holds them back. But if you want to get unstuck, don’t you need to talk deep? Talk real? Not saying it’s easy.

We all need someone who will tell us the whole compassionate truth. Me too! It will do you no good to have only a YES-man in your life. You need the TRUTH. That’s how you get unstuck. 

This is on my mind because I asked on my Facebook Timeline today what are you struggling with the most? And I was surprised. Most folks had existential struggles or spiritual or psychological struggles. A couple people said money and a couple people said love but most felt STUCK. How to get unstuck.

you have to know your chart and what will send you running for the hills and what you can rely on to move you forward

you have to know your transits – HAVE TO. Transits are REAL. They have a real affect on our daily lives and create larger landscapes of luck, connection, difficulty, sadness, etc.

you have to have someone you can bounce these ideas off of (someone you pay, or a good friend, perhaps both. I think this is why my chat rooms are so helpful to people!)

you have to, sometimes, surrender to stuck. There are absolutely times in life when there is NO moving forward. That’s when we see the Hanged Man or High Priestess over and over. Also some charts are predisposed to getting stuck but that leads us back to no. 1 — know thyself

I think it’s helpful to think about the nature of existence and reality and I mean this in very practical ways. How do you define forward movement? How do you define stuck? What do they both feel like. If you don’t like what you have, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENTLY and why or why not are you doing or not doing it. And about the nature of existence or reality: is it true that we are always in flux, in motion, and ANY stasis at all is an illusion? 

Do you use the Tarot? Do you  consult with any oracle at all to track changes? How do you track these changes?

How do you even KNOW if you are stuck? Are you stuck or simply unwilling? Are you waiting to be taken out of your situation rather than making a move yourself? Because I wouldn’t call that necessarily stuck. See? It’s a deep topic. We must UNPACK IT like an everlasting suitcase.

I’ll tell you a secret. I’m hoping to start my on-line school in 2018. Yes I’ve been doing classes for years but times have changed and I want to create more formal offerings, with videos and a different kind of structure than many of my students have become accustomed to. Like the class I’m creating with the Sequential Artists Workshop (my Tarot class). 

It’s funny because I feel like I’ve been “threatening” this for years, saying: hey you guys, you won’t have this kind of access to me forever!” But who knows… that part of it may stay the same. I enjoy it.

In either case, this topic of getting unstuck is pretty similar to procrastination which is another one of my favorite topics – and why we often are not doing what we could be doing – even when we have the time or the energy.

Tell me what you think about this in the comments or on Facebook. 
Are you stuck? 

xoxoGetting Unstuck with Astrology

New Newsletter! Sign Up! Free! Yours! + Links, Links, And More Links

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Procrastination be gone!

Yes I am WAY behind on my blogging and there is SO MUCH sky-news to share.

Mercury is now retrograde and we have the Solar Eclipse coming on August 21st which is around the corner!

This post is just to let you know that I will be starting a free newsletter so if you want to receive it please message me at moonpluto@gmail.com 

If you’ve emailed me in the past though, I probably already have it –
I’m sure some of you reading this never have so… sign up! 

Will I catch up this week? Honestly I’m not so sure. If you want to keep up with me day to day, follow me on Facebook.

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Here is the link to my September Tarot class! 
Here is the link to a little interview I did about the September Tarot class!
My Instagram!

And I hope y’all are doing well. I’m good – just busy

Kabbalah Tree of Life Study: Now Taking Students

What I posted on my Facebook: 

I have decided to start taking private students for Tree of Life (Kabbalah) study.

I’ve never been willing to offer this before, but the time is right.
People are asking me about it.

So I offered this to one person and am now offering it to others as well…
I know her a bit and have worked with her before. I trust her.

I bring a Jewish mystical perspective but then ALSO as it applies to the Tarot (and possibly astrology as well but one thing at a time)

And my OWN personal way of using it in readings which I may or may not share. Those are the trade secrets! :)

But know this – we are just scratching the surface and this is sacred learning.

Sure I love Tarot, I love astrology yes yes yes both are my life but THIS?

And I probably won’t take on everyone who asks. I have to feel you are ready and that we are a good fit.

First round would be going sphere by sphere on the Tree of Life. The Sefirot. I call them portals :) And their interaction. That’s where we would start. With option to continue your studies. An overview and sphere by sphere would be first.

You can apply to be my student in this and I will come up with what I consider a fair price (ETA: the price of the 6-hour teaching bundle is what I’ve decided on.)

This study is endless so… have to be practical and break it down to what I think would be most helpful for you and do-able.

You will not master the tree of life in six hours; no one masters the tree of life in a single life time, but I’m ready now to begin sharing some of this material

So folks definitely have the option to go deeper and deeper but six hours to start to explore the ten sefirot plus an overview/introduction.

Price is listed here on my site.
I cannot lower the price. It is what it is and for serious students only.
And I cannot take everyone who asks.

I will draw cards for each person to determine whether it’s right.

Definitely message me if you have questions moonpluto@gmail 
xoxo"tree of life kabbalah"

The June Special Is Here :) Jupiter Goes Direct June 9th!

"venus opposition jupiter"
I know some of y’all don’t follow me on Facebook so…

I was gonna wait until tomorrow but I’m excited so here it is:

I’m offering TWO different Reading specials until JUNE 9th.

June 9th is when JUPITER GOES DIRECT!!!

These are in honor of Jupiter <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and my Jupiter Return :)

Choose one. Choose both. Get olives and pineapple and extra cheese :)

Option One:
TAROT ONLY. 60 minutes. $75.
Phone or FB Messenger.

Option Two:
TAROT plus looking at Jupiter going direct in your chart!
Why? Because it matters! (In my humble opinion)
Also 60 minutes, $95

And someone asked me and YES it’s fine to give these as gifts (altho please do make sure your person is open to this kinda thing)

LOCAL PEOPLE we can meet in person for these.

Any questions?
My PayPal is moonpluto@gmail


Talk to you soon!

Blog Slow-Down So Here’s Where To Find Me

"north node in leo"
Not blogging as much at the moment so please keep up with me at these other places!
My new column on Patheos Pagan 
My Facebook business page 
My Facebook personal page 
Twitter once in a while :)

There is a NEW GROUP starting in June.
It’s a month long and it’s on JUPITER.
Secret Group on Facebook 
Sliding scale:
$95 – $135

Also I have been running a special this weekend. It ends midnight tonight. It’s a wonderful rate for my smaller Reading Bundle (4 hours).

If you mostly stay in touch with me through the blog and didn’t know this was available, I’m happy to extend this a few more days if it helps at all.
Just send me an email moonpluto@gmail 

Update! From MoonPlutoLand

"saturn retrograde"

So I’m not blogging here much lately so I wanted to tell you where you can find me!

I have a new once-a-week column over at Patheos Pagan.

Please visit me there! Tree City Witch is the name. Show them/me some love :)

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram and I WILL be back on YouTube. The FB page is my biz page. You don’t have to be a Friend to read the updates.

Hope all are well xx

News From MoonPlutoLand: Etsy-ing!

I’ve opened up an Etsy shop.
 Brand new!

Right now on there you will find some cute little Tarot Readings (which I’ve created with a couple friends).

Same MoonPluto quality but these are all by email and meant to be fun and entertaining while helpful!

Check it out. You’ll recognize some of the images I’m sure :)

I will be adding a couple of products in time – magickal stuff.

I’m doing the Etsy learning curve now…

Thanks for visiting. Here is the link! 

Practical Magick: The July/August Group is Forming Now!

"jupiter trine pluto"The July/August Group is a celebration of structure.
Spiritual structure.
The Gods of Small Things.
Healing & Housework :)

Jupiter leaves Virgo (while the North Node remains) and it’s time to get small.

I’ll explain.
A celebration of ritual.
A celebration of that which is simple. And grounding. In the body.

A class in practical magick. Virgo magic.

BY DOING. We learn by doing.
The little things. Small gestures.

And there won’t always be a reason, some obvious reason for what I request of you.
But sometimes there will be. And sometimes you’ll intuit it. You know I come from a Jewish background and in Judaism there are laws and customs and they are divided into those for which a REASON is given and those for which there is not. I can’t seem to escape my tradition :0 I’m that kind of teacher. You just have to trust me. Can you??

There will be homework/assignments although lurkers are welcome.
The homework and assignments matter but I won’t get mad if you just read along.

And we will follow transits each day (I’ll post about them) but the meat of the class is Three Weeks of gentle structure and instruction from me. Discussion from us. Gentle and kind. I won’t yell at you (save that for next time) but shall encourage your own magickal and spiritual work through the tasks that are presented. Each week is devoted to a particular practice but is not limited to that practice (Meditation Week may also bring us instruction on how to heal your own body, for example).

Additional intentions for this group: 
*that by taking this class and spending time with me/us that you quiet your mind. Quiet your everything.
*immersion in routine and being held accountable (that you show up at least once a week if not more!) has value in and of itself that will spill over into your “normal” life
*increased presence in your daily life and awareness of what’s happening in your mind, soul, body.
*shifting stale energy in your home
*support for healing your own body

Week One: meditation practice + more
Week Two : divination practice + more (tarot or other oracle deck required)
Week Three : magickal practice + more
Optional Week Four : (only if there is interest because sometimes people are just DONE by end of Week Three). PROCRASTINATION – I help you unblock the blocks in regards to specific creative projects or life projects you’re in the midst of.

Each week I bring you food for thought (my own food for thought as well as not from my brain) and the tasks. And we discuss. Discussion and sharing matters in such a group. It would also help to keep a journal although I know some people just hate that :)

Cost is sliding scale: $75 – $125

If you’ve never worked with me and need explanation of the nuts and bolts of how my classes work more specifically, just message me at moonpluto@gmail.com and I’ll tell you all about it! 


News From MoonPlutoLand – The Era Of The Special Is Going On Hiatus!

"jupiter trine pluto"If you love working with me and you are budget conscious then take advantage of the next 6 days i.e. the rest of June!

In July my rates are going back to normal. Normal normal!

I’ve run various and sundry specials off and on over the months but my Guides are telling me to take a break from that.

The regular Reading and Teaching Bundles will be available as we move forward — as will the Tarot or Astro Weekly Subscriptions and single session readings of course.

You can also now get a private, personal CARD OF THE DAY from me :)

So just a heads up!

I know folks like to buy and save for a rainy day, etc., especially those I work with long term, over time (hello if you are reading this!).

What I wrote on Facebook today: 

So this is the story, people The June Special ends June 30th and July rates will be as described on my site. Thus you have six more days of June ♋️ to indulge and talk to me way cheaper than it will be next month, my birthday month If you purchase this weekend I can definitely get you in next week and we can talk about *anything* ⭐️♋️

Thanks everyone. Love you xx just wanted to let you know because sometimes when I’m NOT doing a special I get people writing me: are there any? So I’m making this announcement…

Happy Birthday Cancers!

Delayed But Not Deterred! The June Class Is On! Summer Summer Summer With Love & Hope

"saturn goes direct"The class got postponed – the June Group.

I moved and, well, I took on too much!

I decided to delay it so now we are gearing up again to talk SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER with love and hope. 

This blog post here has the basic nuts and bolts, how classes work with me, what it costs, etc.

And I still have the same idea in mind -

I want to talk about July and August transits and how they will affect you + Tarot.

I put up your charts. We talk transits in general (why they matter, what they mean) and what they may mean for you!  What story is your chart telling this summer? What challenges? What support can be found?

Just send me an email if you have any questions :) and click on the link above for the details from before (still relevant but the dates have changed).

AND the June Special on Readings continues – I am doing these mega offers this summer – a different one each month. In September? Well, in September things will probably change… 

The Astrology of Summer! (June Group Forming Now!)

"saturn goes direct" The first MoonPlutoLand offering from the Swamp Palace :)
coming to you from the heat of the day here in Sunny Florida. 

If you are interested in taking a class with me and have never taken a class with me,
DO message me.
MOONPLUTO@GMAIL.COM and we’ll talk.
I’ll explain to you how things work in more detail if you need.


We will be talking July and August TRANSITS
and how they will affect YOUR chart.

Tarot for all, as usual :)

Learn at your own pace.
Hang out with wise smart sensitive people (that’s what I tend to attract)
Get support for your transits!
Gain a deeper understanding of astrology, tarot, and YOUR LIFE.

No Astrology or Tarot expertise necessary! We’ll help you!


"venus trine jupiter"Location: Facebook SECRET Group (as usual). Only you see what is posted.

Investment is a sliding scale: between $99 and $150

Start Date: I’d love to get started next week! Friday! June 10th. 

Length of Class: 4 Weeks and I add on days if we need

How often am I there, how often will there be something new to read:
I endeavor to post new material for discussion (including individual charts discussion or Tarot draws for participants) three to four days a week. Often more. I create each class from scratch! Sometimes people are chatty. Sometimes people are more quiet. And sometimes a group can start off fiery and chatty and then get more quiet as the weeks pass. Or vice versa. It’s always different. THE BEST FOR ME is when people TALK. We inspire each other.

Learn as you go. Participate as much or as little as you want. Lurkers OKAY. There are no webinars or times that you need to be there. No live sessions. Perhaps in the future! 


We will be discussing the Astrology of July & August
including New and Full Moons.

We will be discussing the meaning of the upcoming transits in general and in your chart.
I will be posting your natal charts, yes. 

I will also draw Tarot for each participant – a start card, an end card, and cards for the lunations. 

There will be homework (often Tarot homework) for those who want an A+ 

If you want to know more about: 
MERCURY RETROGRADE !!!!!! Again!!!! 
If you want to know more about these transits AND MORE (yes there are more) and how they will affect YOU, then do take my June Group 

**There are some significant June transits as well.
Will talk about those although perhaps not as in depth since they are happening NOW! Or shortly :)

If you have questions, you know where to find me :)

Other business: I am accepting new Tarot and Astrology Weekly Subscribers and new ladies for the chat room.

Spend Your April With MoonPluto And Friends!

"saturn retrograde" I put this on my Facebook page which I realize is VAGUE unless you’ve been in one of my groups or classes before. 

The April group will take place in April :) 
AND will be all about April! 

We will focus on:
the massively retrograde sky (see my new blog post for some details about this) and how it will affect you –

and I also want to take an accounting of our lives Post-Eclipse. Really talk.
Charts and Cards, my darlings.
Who’s in???
You know I’m still finishing doing my taxes (Aries Season is my 8th House!) but I’d like to get started April 7th, 8th.
Message me for additional details and the cost if you are new to working with me. 

Some additional details: 

*groups take place in a secret group on Facebook. No one sees the posts except the members.

*cost is sliding scale. Low end is $90 and if you want to give more, then feel free. Once I had a sliding scale of $90 to $125 but didn’t feel the need to cap it this time.

*groups are discussion based although I also do teach! My favorite groups are chatty ones! But lurking is fine.

*there will be individual chart talk and individual tarot draws for all.

*last time it was more astrology and less tarot. This time I want to do more cards!

*NO knowledge of astrology or tarot is required.

*what is required: a love or interest in tarot, astrology, and yourself!!!

*passion and the desire to go deep is not required but helpful! We tend to go for it :)

Got questions? Please email me at moonpluto@gmail.com 

I want to get started April 7th/8th and the groups/classes usually run 3-4 weeks, about a month’s time!! There is no “set time” when you need to be in class because the Internet is always open. Learn and enjoy at your own pace.

One of the best things about my groups is the quality of the participants. I tend to draw to me interesting, smart, kind people with metaphysical obsessions :)


Details Here About the JANUARY Meeting Group: Class in Session!

"new moon in capricorn" From my Facebook page:

The upcoming Astrology class is going to be a Venus & Mars class.

Did one of these years ago. Time for an update!

I will be using a text to assist me (at times) — one of my favorites.

You don’t need to purchase it — I will be bringing information from this book —

The Inner Planets by Liz Greene & Howard Sasportas in addition to, of course, my own ideas!!!

(And your ideas. I know you have amazing ideas!)

We will discuss problems and pitfalls and gifts of your natal Venus and natal Mars AND of your progressed Venus and Mars — also any outer planet “hits” your Venus and Mars are getting by transit and what this could mean for you!

And I will HELP YOU. Because that’s what I do (says Mama MoonPluto).

And your fellow students will HELP YOU appreciate your chart (because I attract smart people) all the more.

*****We will also discuss the 2016 Mars in Scorpio/Mars retrograde transit (this is PRIORITY) as well as touch on some of the upcoming interesting Venus transits of 2016.

Interested? Message me. MoonPluto@gmail.

I’ll let you know start date, how it works (if you are new to my classes) as well as the cost.

This is not a Tarot class but I tend to draw cards for folks anyway.


Blood, Brain, & (Re)Birth: Writing from the Body (MoonPluto’s November Meeting Place – Creativity Class)

"moon pluto conjunction" Start date: November 15th
Cost: Sliding scale – between $100 – $150
Length of class: 4 weeks

What is it???? 

I’ve been meaning to get back to the CREATIVITY, to the WRITING, since last spring but delays delays delays and NOW we’re ready. NOW is the time: 

And I’d been calling it a WRITING WORKSHOP but really it is a creativity class - a gentle push.

I will HELP YOU get back your VISIONARY LIFE, so you may hear your calling once again (or for the first time??) creative juices, blood FLOWING. IN THIS CLASS. (Not yelling, all caps for emphasis!)

I am a poet and playwright so poetry, THE WORD, is where I come from, but you don’t have to be a writer or even WANT to be a writer to gain from this class.

No matter your medium, your method, dancer, actor, writer, acrobat, lover, farmer, please join us — I particularly enjoy folks who are:

-in between projects
-procrastinating :)
-confused about what your ART is
-not confused but wanting a little coaching, a little inspiration (or a lot!)
-those who think they aren’t creative but are moved by art
-those who seek a community of other artists/creators who are also into the same metaphysical stuff you are!
-perfectly happy productive artists :)

When I took Writing Workshops, all through college and graduate school, they were an OASIS for me and that’s what I strive to create here. An island in time for us… 

YES there will be Divination (Tarot) and *possibly* some chart work. I am NOT creating the structure yet for Week Four because I want the topics of Week Four to arise organically from what we learn/discuss from Weeks 1-3.

Week One: BLOOD: Writing Desire
Week Two: BRAIN: Writing Mind 
Week Three: BIRTH Writing Life

And each week will be DEVOTED to a different Goddess/Saint/Heroine (to be decided. I have some ideas now).

My classes are discussed based. We talk.
The “room” is open 24/7.
There will be HOMEWORK for those who are diligent (exercises), writing encouragements, audio/video from me, opportunities to share your work if you want.

I will give you goals, structure, and love.

You do not need to be a writer to take this class but this class will ask you to write. And think. And FREE YOURSELF from impediment (seems to be a theme in my classes lately).

We shall strive together gently gently to unblock, to unlock. This class will be information RICH with words and Tarot and soup and sky and November lights and December lights and… are you ready?

Do you have questions? Please ask xoxo

CLASS IN SESSION (the first November Meeting Place begins next week)

"venus trine uranus"I tend to take for granted what I do – what I teach, how I teach – so on Facebook just now was trying to explain a bit more… 

****Details about the Astrology class****

The upcoming Astrology‬ class (beginning next Monday) is pretty simple in terms of… format and goal.

Simple meaning: No big theme other than THIS IS YOUR LIFE :)

There are a handful of upcoming transits that I want to explore and go DEEP with — with YOU.

And we’ll address these in general, at first.
We’ll go back to basics sometimes.

(A gal also asked if I can help folks identify the major aspects – YES I will do this.) 

And then we look at these transits in YOUR natal charts. And we discuss. How might these energies affect you????

Of course I draw cards as well for each transit because I am ‪Tarot‬ obsessed!

And what I would also like to do is — create a ritual, for us to create a ritual together for EACH of these transits that we discuss. Using the magical techniques and ideas that I love so very much…
So you’ll be learning astrology and tarot and magick :) from a real witch :) which means *this is how I live* – it’s not seasonal or occasional. You want High Priestess? You got her.
All my classes take place in SECRET groups on Facebook and you learn/participate as you go. People are busy, have different schedules, live in different time zones so this works best for all.
I want to start the ASTROLOGY class a week from today.

$95 via PayPal
Three – Four weeks (I like to leave it open a little in terms of end date so we do not feel rushed)
Participate as much as you want, as little as you want.

I want to discuss THESE for sure:

Neptune, Chiron, Uranus going direct
Saturn squaring Neptune
Jupiter squaring Saturn
Saturn trine Uranus (!)
Mars retrograde!
and The Nodes shifting to Virgo/Pisces

I have not yet announced details about the Writing Workshop. Still plotting and scheming but mid month we’ll begin…

NEW TAROT CLASS FORMING! Starting October 31st!

"venus square saturn"Just announced: 
From my Facebook

Okay I’ve decided – ‪TAROT‬ CLASS announcement
We begin October 31st

If I have minimum five participants I will do a little Tarot class – (cost is $100) 

Of course MORE are welcome but five minimum.

Purpose? Looking at the cards that destroy us!!!! that disturb us so VERY deeply every time. Let’s crack them open see MORE of what they are about.

I’ll be bringing you my own experiences as a reader + copious material from my Occult Library…

So yes there will be reading and listening and I am feeling OBSESSED which is usually how I judge WHEN to do something. So here we go… into the deep Tarot waters.

Who will enjoy this? Tarot obsessives :) or even Tarot curious but this is definitely an EXPLORATION. We will not be discussing ALL The cards of course but handpicked difficult cards….

FOR EXAMPLE in one of my books (a Kabbalistic Tarot book) the author says the figure in the card is PRAYING!!! Never read that before but YES makes sense.

You in?
Email me moonpluto@gmail and I’ll give you additional details but I want to get this STARTED. Class takes place in a secret group on FB. Four Week class. Learn as you go. Definitely email me if you’ve never studied with me before so I can explain to you how we tend to do things

MoonPluto’s Late September/Early October Meeting Place :)

"venus trine uranus" Taken from my Facebook Timeline (which is, btw, where I post most of my videos these days): 


Introducing MoonPluto’s Late September meeting place! 

This is what I have cooking for the late September/early October class:


I consider this a companion to the one we just completed (Jupiter in Virgo themed) but you don’t need to have taken that one — to gain from this one–

I will be asking folks to consider WHAT IS THE PROBLEM (very VIRGO). 

I will want to hear from you.
I will want a short list (between 1 and 3 items) to answer the question WHAT IS THE PROBLEM, across any area of your life, the areas that concern you the most.

And you can give us BIG PICTURE or small. Or medium.

You may say: it’s MY WHOLE LIFE. Or you may say, it’s this little itty bitty thing RIGHT HERE.

And then we will ask the ORACLE: what is the problem.

The cards may or may not agree. Hidden factors may show themselves!

And THEN we will ask your natal and the transits — for more detail, elaboration.

That will be the FIRST order of business.

And you may be surprised what turns up… that YOUR version of what holds you back is different from what the cards and chart say.

The second order of business will the search for solution — again using the cards and charts.

I will also put us on a regular meditation schedule.

Of course I cannot make you do this just as I cannot make you do homework or show up to class BUT it is integral to this one.

Got questions? Message me. I am sorry I cannot give discounts at this time. $100.
Three weeks (extra days if we need, if participation is there). 

And YES my classes are intense but I am THERE over the weeks and you can use me —

I’d like to start a week from today.

OH and since the goddess asteroids came up in conversation in the last class (I included them in the charts), we’ll make even more use of them this time (Vesta Juno Ceres Pallas)


Abre Camino: From The Virtual Classroom

"jupiter in virgo" I posted this on my Facebook today – from the virtual classroom, just some of what we’re up to in there.

Also, some of what I’m referencing here, well, they ARE references to things we have already been doing or discussing so some of what is written below… won’t make total sense but wanted to share it with you anyway


Week Two: September 1st:

WEEK TWO PROMPT FOR WRITING/PONDERING and adding to your map, my beautiful mapmakers.

PLEASE do this assignment.

No matter how hopeless you feel. No matter how good you feel.
Tell the Universe that YOU ARE HERE.

It is from the writing… it is from the writing that we… put ourselves on the map.

Today’s Prompt:


"new moon eclipse in virgo"What is a “road opener”? I will explain in the comments shortly with a passage from my Occult Library so stay tuned for that……..

How will you open the roads?
How will you open the roads?

Remember we are Jupiter in Virgo now.
We must ask why. We must ask how…
And then we must do our magic and let it be.

“Crossroads are ubiquitous in magic. Many spells demand to be cast at the crossroads; others require that the remnants of spells — left over candle stubs, ashes, and the such – be buried at the crossroads, where their energy can safely disperse.

Specific types of spiritual entities, known as “road openers” and inevitably beings of great power preside over crossroads. These beings can be petitioned for knowledge, information, and for a change in destiny. They control thresholds and roads and determine who has free access and who finds roads barred, who will choose the right fork in the road and who will wander hopelessly forever.”

“Abre Camino Spells:

Abre Camino literally “road opener” or “make way” is the name given to a plant (Trichilia havanensis) used in Latin American magic to open blocked paths. Carry an Abre Camino stick with you at all times to keep roads clear and remove obstacles from your path”

(The quotes are from Judika Illes)

THIS IS JUST ONE WAY to ‘open the roads’ for yourself i.e .using witchcraft or magick or hoodoo. But…

Last week on Friday I asked folks in here to come up with their own writing/thinking prompt and a few people’s questions revolved around OBSTACLES.

Thus… here we go. To the Road Opener.

You don’t even need to know the block in order to open it….
Now THAT is Jupiter!!

I am doing a September Special. Write me for details moonpluto@gmail. I want to do Tarot for your fall season – what are the energies coming through for you for September, October, November, December. Add-ons to this: focus on the September Eclipses but if you’ve already had your fill of Eclipse talk (some have, some haven’t), then let’s talk fall magic. Do you want to create an altar but aren’t sure how? Confused about candles? Maybe fire isn’t your thing but what else can you do? Think you’re a witch but aren’t sure? :) we can talk about all of this…

Understanding Jupiter: MoonPluto’s Summer Session!

"jupiter in virgo" Jupiter expands what it touches!

Any astrology lover knows this phrase!

Well, Jupiter is changing signs NEXT MONTH and I think it’s time to talk about it :)
and talk about it.
(Have you ever known a quiet Sag?) ;)

So let’s talk, my friends, about Jupiter, about Jupiter in Virgo, about Jupiter in Virgo in YOUR chart, and your natal Jupiter as well. AND TAROT draws for all. In what area(s) of life will you expand this upcoming Jupiter year? Where were you the last time Jupiter was in Virgo??

ALSO: WHAT IS VIRGO? A topic that is near and dear to my heart. And if you are a VERY VIRGO PERSON (or an anti-Virgo) how will you handle this INCREASE (notice all caps!) of Virgo energy IN THE WORLD??? Can you handle it? :)

Take heart, my doves. Jupiter in Virgo doesn’t have to increase your worry. It can increase (as I wrote in my blog post yesterday) your loving attention to detail. (Emphasis on the LOVE. The highest vibration there is.)

As usual, my classes take place in a friendly secret Facebook group. I’m still working on the start-date. Definitely by early August but possibly last week of July. $100 by PayPal. Three weeks. If you have questions about the format of my classes, or any other questions, do email me moonpluto@gmail.

My classes are discussion-based (and participate/learn at your own pace) but lurking is fine too :)