On Being a Medium And Structuring Those Readings In Particular

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On the topic of doing more mediumship, not just when it shows up spontaneously, as it did the other day.

Was actually “just” exchanging cards with a friend who is also a professional intuitive and… there he was:

a dead person, a relative of her husband and… it was him. No doubt about it.  It was him. Random details though.

And so I wondered: why these random details. Why do I get this information that so and so likes such and such. And last night I focused for a split second on another client with a departed family member and again the details came, seemingly random, likes and dislikes kind of thing but specific.

Last night I thought about it and what I think is that these details show up so we KNOW for sure that this is a specific person. And it’s more than one detail, it’s a bunch. It’s to confirm identity. It may be hazy at first. It’s a male. Older. And then THE DETAILS.

Wondering and thinking okay then what?? because this is not something I have studied. I often learn as I go, by experience. Figure this out. Okay, identity confirmed. THEN WHAT?

Then I think it’s whatever the (living) person wants to know:

do they want a message? Do they want to know more about the death? I got visions of that too last night. I am discovering that I can feel if someone is hovering around or has “gone to the light” – pardon the hackneyed language but it works. There has to be a part two to the part one details.

The other day I spoke to someone whose husband I was certain was not hovering around her. I do not believe hovering is a bad thing although I think some may say it is – that it’s better to finish the process but I’m not convinced (and not convinced that’s how it works totally).

I want to do more of this so in the process of figuring out HOW, for me. How it will work.

And it’s a process of trial and error and trust.
More to come on this…


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