How To Get Unstuck Using Astrology (And Tarot)

"sun square pluto"
2014 Hanged Man

This is exactly what astrology is for. Getting unstuck.

You have a birth chart. You have to learn your birth chart.

You need to listen to a competent astrologer or other guide that you trust. One who will tell you what your strengths are and what your weaknesses/defaults are.  Doesn’t have to be me, but that’s a big part of my job. I admit not everyone wants to hear about their shadow or what holds them back. But if you want to get unstuck, don’t you need to talk deep? Talk real? Not saying it’s easy.

We all need someone who will tell us the whole compassionate truth. Me too! It will do you no good to have only a YES-man in your life. You need the TRUTH. That’s how you get unstuck. 

This is on my mind because I asked on my Facebook Timeline today what are you struggling with the most? And I was surprised. Most folks had existential struggles or spiritual or psychological struggles. A couple people said money and a couple people said love but most felt STUCK. How to get unstuck.

you have to know your chart and what will send you running for the hills and what you can rely on to move you forward

you have to know your transits – HAVE TO. Transits are REAL. They have a real affect on our daily lives and create larger landscapes of luck, connection, difficulty, sadness, etc.

you have to have someone you can bounce these ideas off of (someone you pay, or a good friend, perhaps both. I think this is why my chat rooms are so helpful to people!)

you have to, sometimes, surrender to stuck. There are absolutely times in life when there is NO moving forward. That’s when we see the Hanged Man or High Priestess over and over. Also some charts are predisposed to getting stuck but that leads us back to no. 1 — know thyself

I think it’s helpful to think about the nature of existence and reality and I mean this in very practical ways. How do you define forward movement? How do you define stuck? What do they both feel like. If you don’t like what you have, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENTLY and why or why not are you doing or not doing it. And about the nature of existence or reality: is it true that we are always in flux, in motion, and ANY stasis at all is an illusion? 

Do you use the Tarot? Do you  consult with any oracle at all to track changes? How do you track these changes?

How do you even KNOW if you are stuck? Are you stuck or simply unwilling? Are you waiting to be taken out of your situation rather than making a move yourself? Because I wouldn’t call that necessarily stuck. See? It’s a deep topic. We must UNPACK IT like an everlasting suitcase.

I’ll tell you a secret. I’m hoping to start my on-line school in 2018. Yes I’ve been doing classes for years but times have changed and I want to create more formal offerings, with videos and a different kind of structure than many of my students have become accustomed to. Like the class I’m creating with the Sequential Artists Workshop (my Tarot class). 

It’s funny because I feel like I’ve been “threatening” this for years, saying: hey you guys, you won’t have this kind of access to me forever!” But who knows… that part of it may stay the same. I enjoy it.

In either case, this topic of getting unstuck is pretty similar to procrastination which is another one of my favorite topics – and why we often are not doing what we could be doing – even when we have the time or the energy.

Tell me what you think about this in the comments or on Facebook. 
Are you stuck? 

xoxoGetting Unstuck with Astrology