Spend Your April With MoonPluto And Friends!

"saturn retrograde" I put this on my Facebook page which I realize is VAGUE unless you’ve been in one of my groups or classes before. 

The April group will take place in April 🙂 
AND will be all about April! 

We will focus on:
the massively retrograde sky (see my new blog post for some details about this) and how it will affect you —

and I also want to take an accounting of our lives Post-Eclipse. Really talk.
Charts and Cards, my darlings.
Who’s in???
You know I’m still finishing doing my taxes (Aries Season is my 8th House!) but I’d like to get started April 7th, 8th.
Message me for additional details and the cost if you are new to working with me. 

Some additional details: 

*groups take place in a secret group on Facebook. No one sees the posts except the members.

*cost is sliding scale. Low end is $90 and if you want to give more, then feel free. Once I had a sliding scale of $90 to $125 but didn’t feel the need to cap it this time.

*groups are discussion based although I also do teach! My favorite groups are chatty ones! But lurking is fine.

*there will be individual chart talk and individual tarot draws for all.

*last time it was more astrology and less tarot. This time I want to do more cards!

*NO knowledge of astrology or tarot is required.

*what is required: a love or interest in tarot, astrology, and yourself!!!

*passion and the desire to go deep is not required but helpful! We tend to go for it 🙂

Got questions? Please email me at moonpluto@gmail.com 

I want to get started April 7th/8th and the groups/classes usually run 3-4 weeks, about a month’s time!! There is no “set time” when you need to be in class because the Internet is always open. Learn and enjoy at your own pace.

One of the best things about my groups is the quality of the participants. I tend to draw to me interesting, smart, kind people with metaphysical obsessions 🙂


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