Writing Life, Writing Day (With A Side Of Spiritual Conflict)

"sun conjunct saturn"I spent my Shabbos writing and it was a struggle. I think.

I mean, it was a struggle at the time but it was a good session. And maybe I’ll be happy with the progress. I sat there for four hours, after trying to begin for two hours, working on a chapter and thinking about what would make it better, and now I’m at the point where I need a break from it and that will be tomorrow and then I’ll get back to it on Monday and hopefully get it into a shape that will please me.

Then write the outline and synopsis and then got to go over a previous chapter and… I can see the finish line, at least for the book proposal itself. My cards say I can find an agent or a publisher with the book proposal alone. We’ll see.

Otherwise it was a lost day but it wasn’t really a lost day because I was deep in it, in the writing, but I still felt lost. Did a podcast episode about boundaries, cleaned the toilet, made a couple of t-shirts on the Merch site (Teespring). That was the day. No walks, no people. Writing Day.

Tomorrow it’s back to clients and Patreon. I think this is how it is though with me and Shabbos. If I’m not “doing” Shabbos, then I always feel out of sorts. I am a Jew. I was born into the traditions. If I’m not IN them, then I’m out of them, and thus out of sync.

Here’s the link for the merch! 
Here’s the link to the NEW BOOK. 
Here’s the link to the OLD BOOK.
My Patreon which is boring. 

Otherwise, I got no complaints. It was a quiet day; it was peaceful. The only angst was my own, wrestling with the book. I listened to Moby mostly. I just made dinner. I just ate dinner. It’s 9pm already.


So. I  am curious. I have a question for you. And please answer it on my Twitter or Instagram. How do you feel? Do you feel different now? Whether because of Aries Season or vaccine season or… some other reason? Do you feel you made the leap? Or that you’re standing where you always stood? I know you know that feeling of being on the verge.

I’ll be back when there’s more news.