Out Of The Dark Wood: Venus Enters Leo

I feel like I’ve come out of a dark time, a dark wood. Some of the astrology: eclipse season, Mercury retrograde, but I believe it was more than that. An exorcism that a friend did for me. Neither of us intended this (it’s not on her menu of spiritual services) and there were other events as well, some positive (adding in) and negative (removing) but now I feel on the other side of it and thinking about post (post?) pandemic life and the shock of NYC announcing everything is open and there’s no emergency anymore. Who are we now?

My new book comes out soon (July 8th) and I’m working on new writing and I’m back in touch with an old friend, a novelist, from my Iowa Workshop days (he makes me laugh), and it’s like the sinking has stopped and the debt has been paid and the demon has been kicked out, never to return. We’ll see. I’m sure I could find it on a map if such a map existed (above and beyond the astrology, which is also a map) but for right now there’s a wraparound mystery to it. Maybe you feel in the clear too. Maybe you feel you’ve been through a war. Maybe you feel. Maybe you don’t.

Venus enters Leo. That’s today’s big astrology news. Mars is already there. Eventually Saturn (the taskmaster) in Aquarius will have a word or two with them. Sometimes I look on the bright side (yes it’s true!) and I’m thinking these Mars Venus Saturn conversations could actually be helpful but in this particular way: we need a little reality check. About exactly where we’re at. Saturn will provide that. Let’s say you have a goal and you have no idea how to begin or you’ve started and wondering if you’re doing it right. Saturn will show you. Saturn will say: NOT THAT WAY. DO IT THIS WAY. Saturn will take that Leo playfulness and creativity and shape it like a good baker of the best dough.

Leo planets are bright and fun. Leo is a fire sign, warm and generous! But this time is more serious, with Saturn in the mix. Your purpose is at stake. You can’t just fluff your hair and smile. Well, you can, but it’s not enough. Isn’t that Saturn? Always chiming in: not enough! So make Saturn happy. Think long(ish) term. Start planning the rest of your 2021 if you haven’t already. 

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