And There Is Always This Terror But You Are More Than The Rules Of Saturn

The most important thing you can do right now is realize how powerless you are.

The second most important thing is the Saturn Uranus square, to know where this is happening in your chart because it tells the whole story of your life right now, including your powerlessness and who your master is. Well, you have two masters: Saturn AND Uranus. Saturn in Aquarius. Uranus in Taurus.

Saturn says: you have to DO THIS. Uranus says: but I want to DO THAT.

Uranus wants to fly and be free and expand beyond any horizon. It wants to break all the rules and all the reason. I know, this sounds like Jupiter but it’s Uranus too. Uranus is a song. Saturn is the daily grind and you can’t just drop it all off at the curb like I did with my record collection when I was 23 and went off to grad school in Iowa. You can’t do that to Saturn. You can’t lose all sense of practicality. You need money. You need light, food, warmth. You need heaven. Saturn helps us reach heaven.

Uranus in this square represents everything you want to be (everything you are) but life is saying: go slow and life is saying not yet. At every turn Saturn is slowing us down. It’s awful because you were born to be free not this Eight of Swords life.

The other day I worked so long and hard on new writing. I’m putting together a new book proposal. Actually it was a few days that I did this. And then I had a day long allergy attack. Was debilitating. And I had to take medicine for it. And that was debilitating. The whole damn thing stole HOURS from me, stole days. I was so sick. And I have to get back in to the writing (it’s like a place I go) and nothing is going to stop me from going back in but that’s also the square. The frustration. The disorientation. The Eight of Swords. We get interrupted. We get confused. We forget who we are. Who was I when I took the break? Who was I when I was writing like that and it flowed like honey.  We were on a roll and we were flying high and Saturn said: come back to earth, back to work. That dream, that future has to wait another day. And there’s always this terror, that you’ll lose what you had.

I hate the body. I hate the way it stops us. It’s always stopping us. It’s always reminding us of our limits. And yet. And yet we must cultivate harmony with the body. THIS is also Uranus (freedom) in Taurus (the body). We need peace with the physical world and the body to make Uranus happy while Uranus is in Taurus. Break every rule. Go ahead. Break every rule. And then bring a sacrifice to your god and treat your body like the temple it truly is.

Also: Go back to the thing as soon as you can. The thing you had to leave for the moment. Don’t let it sit, don’t let it wait, even though you have to take breaks. Don’t forget who you are. Even if the only thing you can do is clean off the table, clean off the desk, fix your eyebrows. Fix your damn eyebrows. You are more than the rules of Saturn. Nothing can stop you. There’s all these other planets out there, galaxies and galaxies and galaxies. Okay?


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"Aliza Einhorn"
Photo by Dana Goldstein