Why Saturn In Pisces Is A Good Transit (Plus Virgo Vibes)

I’m not much of a mopper.

I tend to vacuum.

And today I swiffered.

My autocorrect keeps wanting to change swiffered to “suffered.”

I’m listening to Peter Gregson/Bach.

Ever since I moved into this beautiful apartment, I’ve been battling less than beautiful neighbors. Endless fumes from weed (multiple neighbors) and I couldn’t even call it incense from that other one. First time I smelled it barreling down the hall in the middle of the night I thought about calling 911. They couldn’t be doing that on purpose, could they?

So my super has been enormously helpful over the last year or so and things are better, but as I’ve often said: I need to breathe all the time.

But this is the big city and a city of neighbors and… I have multiple air purifiers, but last month also bought a machine called an air scrubber which is scrubbing quite nicely in my bedroom as I type this.

But I couldn’t stop there, with cleaning the air. It was time to clean more. So I swiffered and I vacuumed and dusted a bit and oh I need to do the dishes and I organized some clothes and cleaned off my altar and started A NEW SPELL and Mercury is in Virgo (it will go retrograde in a few days) and the Sun enters Virgo this week but what I really want to talk to you about is SATURN IN PISCES 🙂 Just a few thoughts. Same thing but different but same.

(And for the record I don’t like cleaning but things always look and feel better after. It never ends though. It’s never permanent. We have to do it again. It’s so Sisyphus! Now that’s a TikTok video waiting to happen. “It’s so SISYPHUS, man!”)

Why Saturn in Pisces is a good transit: it’s an opportunity for us to see so much more clearly than usual how we sacrifice (Pisces) and what we sacrifice. We can see how we give and what we give and why we give. And… we may also see what we don’t and why we don’t. Lessons in boundaries or the lack of them? I think so. All this talk about love languages. Maybe explore (with and without your natal chart) why your languages are what they are.

So many in my circle have that generational Saturn Chiron conjunction in Pisces opposing Pluto Uranus in Virgo. Saturn in Pisces is your (second) Saturn Return. The decade of your 60s is your next crossroad. “Now what” may be one of many questions you’re asking yourself.

Moral of the story for right now:

Even though things aren’t perfect (i.e. Virgo) breathe anyway. Exhale anyway. Love anyway. Work anyway. Do anyway. Rest anyway. Keep going anyway. I applied to school and finished my novel in the midst of some really shitty apartment days. I did it anyway. SO DO IT ANYWAY. Force inner peace into your life. Sounds counterintuitive but it’s the only way. Don’t wait for perfection. If you wait for the “perfect time” you’ll be waiting forever. Don’t let your shitty neighbors (or your shitty husband, wife, job, skin, feet, stomach, psyche, past, present) DESTROY YOU. (Your parents probably already tried that and they failed so don’t give them the satisfaction lol)

“Live or die but don’t poison everything.”
-Anne Sexton quoting Saul Bellow

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