Fear Nothing: More Thoughts For Venus Retrograde

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Perspectives are shifting. Direct revelations. A new moon coming up. Mercury retrograde. Venus direct. The landscape of the next couple weeks is jumpy.

And yet…. don’t you feel things settling down? I do. It’s not just me and my personal transits.

Life may feel like a tension headache right now (I know, that’s putting it nicely) but… underneath it all is this band of… band of strength? As in, the Strength card. Gentle, gentle, gentle. You’ve come this far. Nothing’s gonna destroy you. Impossible. You’re hard to kill. It’s too late for that now anyway. You’ve come verrrrrrry far.

That’s the landscape as I see it, as I feel it, this weekend. After weeks and weeks of confusion/indecision, the clouds are clearing.

And you may say to me: but Aliza! Venus is still retrograde! To which I would say: fear nothing. 

I know, I know. You think I’ve gone off the deep end. Fear nothing? With Venus ruling love and money all perplexed? And she squares Uranus all summer. Uranus is a quake, a wildfire. You’re feeling it for sure but I still believe that underneath the wobble and the wild ride is… something unshakeable. I’m an antenna. Moon Pluto conjunction in the First House, well-aspected all around my chart. I’m not all-knowing but I know things.

You’re being shown signs that you don’t understand. So. What to do when you feel scared?


Sing as the ship twists and turns on the ocean until it rights itself. It will. Be in joy for this dark passage. I know I sound bananas. Venus retrograde. Venus square Uranus. Everything seems up in the air for some of you. But the truth is — and I promise you this — it’s not up in the air. It’s more solid and certain than ever. The gods are testing us. The gods want us to sing so sing.

September 3rd: Venus goes direct.

To be continued…

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