Scorpio Season Homework: Stop Making Sense

What is astrology blogging in 2023? Websites are obsolete or becoming obsolete, so I decided to keep a Substack too because when I die this blog will disappear and Substack likely won’t.

Welcome to Scorpio Season. We are thinking about death more than usual? Maybe.

Eclipse Season: done. That summer Venus retrograde: done. Saturn retrograde? Done! Some of you have known me and I’ve known you for years. YEARS. Today all my clients were from… 2012? We’re still here.

But here’s what I want to tell you about right now (and yes I am wondering if I’m gonna offer the BIG 2024 reading like I did in years past): so much has changed. Continuing to do the same things in the same ways will not work. Remember that Pluto is about to say goodbye to Capricorn for a very long time. I’m sorry. And I’m saying I’m sorry because I know a lot of you are mourning the end of… things we used to know and count on and care about. Omg aging. I have grown (grown up) alongside you.


we’re still here.

So. What do you want to talk about? What should I blog about? Astrology blogging 2024!

It’s Scorpio Season, yes, as I type to you. I’m gonna do some reading for school in a sec. I had an excellent nap. I’m thinking about this movie that I had to watch for school. It moved me. It reminded me of my father. It made me think about housework. It made me think about the thin line between where we are and where we could be. Sometimes the Tower card seems mere inches from our faces. We have to live anyway. This isn’t meant to be an inspirational post and I don’t think it is, but I do want to remind you of one thing:

There’s still time to make sense of your life… or not.

I was listening to this spiritual teacher the other day who said there was “nothing to understand” in response to someone’s problem/question, and it moved me. And then I have an instructor at school who says something similar. I always would ask (and still ask): does this make sense? When I ask that question, I just want to know I’m being, yes, understood. He recommends the dissolve. Huh? I think about my North Node in Pisces. Move toward the dissolve? Scary!

Listen, I don’t have all the answers but just for today maybe stop trying to make sense. If Scorpio Season is the shedding-skin season then… today’s answer may not be tomorrow’s answer. Today’s sense may not be tomorrow’s sense. Maybe.

In the meantime, keep passing the open windows.

To be continued

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