Full Moon Eclipse in Libra: Empress Life

I feel like I forgot this blog existed. School, for me, is a creative process, but it’s a lot of taking in: reading, reading, reading. And reading isn’t passive but… suddenly I realized I hadn’t blogged here or on the Substack or sent out a newsletter in a little bit. So hello. Here we are. And I ask myself: what am I defending against, if anything, for writing is always a soul-search, a seek. Or is it just a matter of time management as if time management is somehow immune from the influence of the unconscious.

I think a lot of us are feeling… fragile? It’s eclipse season. Of course we are.

Jeez. I’m asking what do I need to tell the people right now and I get the Seven of Cups. It is cloudy weather. We can’t tell the difference between a gold bar and a snake.

The guidance? Temperance. I have a friend who says about this card, “walking the path,” but when I tune in I see and feel that same Seven of Cups confusion so… let it be.

We don’t know how things will shake out. We are going to have to fight for meaning (Five of Wands) but we don’t have to do it alone (Six of Cups) in terms of next steps. What else about right now? Wow. The Fool. The Fool card to me is not forboding, not in the least. I remember asking my analyst about a third act. Was I too old to go back to school? Was I too old to train as a psychoanalyst? I had been a poet/playwright. I’d worked as an astrologer for a very long time. It’s a little shocking to grow older and realize life is a constant reinvention and not a retirement.

And just now I did cards for a friend and I was seeing where the reinvention should happen for her and where it shouldn’t. Life right now is not about blowing everything up. That’s also the Temperance card. Measuring it out.

Monday’s eclipse is in Libra. It’s a Full Moon. I know it may feel like everything is falling apart. Losing footing, losing balance. I know it may feel like you don’t know where the scare is coming from or that it’s coming from all corners. But when you feel the fear? Sit down. Empress. Fly into the heart of it. Look it in the eye. And sit down.

This Eclipse is actually part of a Yod with Saturn and Jupiter. You can’t do it all on your own and you don’t have to. That’s the message here. The sextile part of the Yod is the help if only you can… let down your guard? Yes, we are vulnerable. Yes, we are without skin. Yes, it’s a mad mad world. YES, WE NEED HELP.

So what to do? Eight of Pentacles. Get to work. I know you have a list. Try not to block out or push away what you’re afraid of. Start there.

Okay. To be continued xo