What Do You Want To Happen? New Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

It is overwhelming. Eclipses are overwhelming. We have one on Tuesday. And one of the themes of this one is the letting go (yes, as in the Dickinson poem). At least that’s what THE ASTROLOGERS are saying and I don’t think they’re wrong about a South Node New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, and my cards are saying the same, I think.

Endings, beginnings. Beginnings, endings.

God only knows what you’re about to lose or change. It might be lifted out of your arms or you may let it go, willingly. Another thing to keep in mind is the surprise. Uranus is intimately intertwined with both the New Moon and the Full Moon and Uranus always wants to rearrange the furniture.

Otherwise: Saturn goes direct this weekend. Sun enters Scorpio. Venus enters Scorpio. Eclipse on Tuesday. Jupiter re-enters Pisces on Thursday and Mars goes retrograde on Sunday. Busy enough for you? Real enough for you? Wild enough for you? What do you want to happen?

What I want for the most part is to stay alive and stay in school and I said my prayers on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur but it’s not up to me. I’m not that far from the ages when my parents died. It makes an impression. Time, memory. I’m still waiting to hear from one agent in particular and then I’ll start the process again over winter break if I need to.

When I was writing my book I could not have predicted any of this, the turns my life took, and we had eclipses that year too. It was there, though, if only vaguely, in the readings that others did for me, seeing change. I remember even before I left Florida a friend kept seeing the Hierophant for me and now I’m teaching Tarot again and thinking about what other classes there may be in the future.

The least you need to know right now: expect an eventful two weeks. Expect an eventful thirty days. Expect an eventful rest of the year. And keep passing the open windows.

In love and pizza,