Weird Seeds: Uranus Goes Direct

It must have been Isabel Hickey. Gotta be. The first time I read that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.

And this morning I had a Mercury retrograde experience but it’s not Mercury retrograde so I said to my friend Laura: It’s Uranus! Uranus going direct this weekend.

She concurred. Laura is my smart Gemini friend who knows a thing or two about astrology.

Uranus going direct: Expect a breakthrough in your Taurus House although you might have started feeling this a week ago or so. Seeds were planted.


Seeds were planted in weird ways and they are/were weird seeds and this reaches back to 2023 (or earlier.) By weird, in this instance, I mean The Uncanny. (Only Freud calms me down. His ideas are like pacifiers for me, or mother’s milk. Analyze that! LOL!)

Uranus direct: Progress that’s been held up is about to let loose. Go Seven of Pentacles on it. Contemplate. Think. What’s your Taurus House about? What does it symbolize? That’s where things start to move in the coming weeks and months. Remember Jupiter is in Taurus too and this spring we have a Jupiter Uranus FUSION before Jupiter enters Gemini so the heat is… heating up!

And it’s Pluto in Aquarius times now so… it’s quite possible you’re disrupting the repetitions in your life. No acting out for you! Everything old is new and everything new is new and everything is everything is old and new and what? I hear the mermaids singing. They want us to get into the cards.

One card for the first days of Uranus direct

Next couple months of Uranus direct
Two of Pentacles: BUSY LADY

The meaning of Uranus direct 2024 in your Taurus House

Knights are always on a MISSION. Knights are moving moving moving. Knights are going somewhere according to their element and suit.

What I feel: the pace is fast/slow fast/slow fast slow. Fast fast fast then a break. Two of Pentacles can mean this too. Alternating frequency. In this deck, though, the Knight of Pentacles looks way faster than the Rider version so I think the fast times will be faster than usual or faster than you’re used to. You feel this?

You might really be going places in that Taurus House of yours. Adventure? Achievement? Many missions? It’s about work, money, career. It does feel Saturn to me, not in terms of restriction but AMBITION. Purpose. Lotta plans, lotta hands. I see you spinning plates. Multiplicity.

Does Pluto in Aquarius want to say anything else about this? Let me tune in…  (cue the Jeopardy music).

Setting the stage for YEARS to come. They are saying it in all caps yes. Crossroads but you don’t realize it or maybe you do. Guides are telling me THIS IS THE BEGINNING. Drew Queen of Swords. You are culling, cutting away the rot. And you are looking at that sword, feeling job well done. You, my friend, are the master of your destiny.

Alright, destiny lovers, talk to you later

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