THE WOUND IS OPEN: Bloody Bloody Mars In Aquarius

"chiron in aries"
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I’ve been writing a lot about Chiron lately and here’s one more although I have something else on my mind too – this South Node-Mars conjunction in Aquarius which I admit I had not even noticed until someone pointed it out to me! I’d been obsessed with everything else.

I’m gonna use the familiar words. Fate. Karma.¬† Could be a change of direction too. So this fate, this karma, this direction change is MARS infused. It’s about raw passion and power. Yours. Mars doesn’t wait. Mars initiates. Mars fights for it. Something happened. Something is happening. You did it or they did it. It’s bloody bloody even thought in Aquarius it’s a MENTAL battle.

All I want you to do is THINK about it. Find that 6/7/8 degree point in your chart, especially that degree of the fixed signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Scorpio. Think about where you have been impulsively passionate or passionately impulsive lately. You’ll find it. You’ll remember. You may even feel a little proud.

And now it’s storytime, kids. CHIRON STORYTIME.

Think about the last time you felt that indescribable longing or ache in your, well, wherever you tend to feel these things IF you tend to feel these things. I want you to consider for a moment that Chiron may be involved in this.

And you may think:

but Aliza I have a 12th House Venus or Aliza I’m a Pisces and I’m always longing. Okay I can’t argue with that but… Chiron is in ARIES now. Things have changed. The wound is OPEN.