Finally a Transit for the Writers: Jupiter Enters Gemini, May 25th!

Finally a transit for the WRITERS, big words, a lot of words. Jupiter expands what it touches and Gemini is the words, the writing, writers. THE MIND.

Gemini is associated with Mercury and Jupiter with Sagittarius and put these two together (Jupiter in Gemini) and you get… words that will not, cannot stop. This is good news for the writers and the thinkers and yes you will have to put structures in place for the overwhelm which will come, or the burn out, but listen, dear star lovers, THE BOOKS WILL WRITE THEMSELVES so this is truly a reason to rejoice.

And if you aren’t a writer? More fun. More social. More light. More flying. More flying high. More opinions, yes. More information overload, yes. More facts and figures and data, yes. Less big picture.

What’s expanding will be your…

perception, versatility, sense perceptions, restlessness, reason, ideas, inquiries, credentials, advertising, advice, your brain, your expression, your mischief, your mobility, your SKILLS (Magician card is associated with Mercury), your scribes, your talking, your tales, your teaching, your walking, your words, your voice, AND MORE.

Much more. (Hello Jupiter, King of the More!)

And I was just telling my Patrons about next week which is just SO Gemini, with the Sun entering Gemini and Venus entering Gemini and JUPITER ENTERING GEMINI and to prepare for life to start to move faster after the slog (is there a nicer word?) that was Jupiter in Taurus, and not that Jupiter in Taurus was bad but in contrast Jupiter in Gemini will feel like the ANTI slog. Not muddy. Not earthy. Not lingering. Not mellow. Not feeding. Not possessing but, instead, letting go.

Did you get fat under Jupiter in Taurus? I don’t mean this as a critique. Fat is not bad. But you may have gotten fat under Jupiter in Taurus because Taurus knows all about the good cheese and the good chocolate. Taurus keeps. Gemini flies.

Jupiter in Gemini: the weight flies off. The worries fly off.
Jupiter in Gemini: I don’t mean to make it sound like it’s the answer to all our problems BUT IT’S JUPITER SO OF COURSE I AM GOING TO EXAGGERATE
Jupiter in Gemini: big words, a lot of words
Jupiter in Gemini: back to school?
Jupiter in Gemini: what do you need to teach? What do you need to learn? What do you need to write?
Jupiter in Gemini: you have more opinions about more things!
Jupiter in Gemini: you will be speaking your truth.

You’ll be back on social media or increasing your social media or perhaps streamlining your social media. Instead of the Taurean retraction you’ll be… not scattering your energies but SHARING your energies.

Okay, that’s all for now. To be continued.
Keep passing the open windows,

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