Saturn Direct: You Can Build Again

All y’all looking for your guides: your guides are here. They don’t go away. What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? A text? I’ve been getting this question from my clients since I started using that funny word GUIDES. You can use that word. You can use a different word. You can call it:

Your Higher Self
The Akashic Records
Unconscious insight
The Divine
Neptune, Uranus, Pluto
Universal Life Force Energy
(Whatever you want)

What it is is THE STREAM. Or the frequency. Those are just two ways to think of it. A current. You swim in it. You tune into it. It flows. It crackles. It sings. It moves through you if you let it. It’s an information stream and/or a stream of healing. It doesn’t matter how you conceptualize it as long as you DO conceptualize it. Play with it. Experiment. I would say the “safest” way would be to call it your intuition. And the most wild way would be to… call it whatever you want. Hmm!!!!! It’s UP TO YOU. For some of you, intuition feels like entities or beings and for some it doesn’t. It should feel authentic to you or just pick a word. That’s what I did. I liked having a word for the “channel” I was tuning in to.

Is it an IT? Is it a THEM? You can even change the word/s you use to refer to what happens when you do a reading or a healing. But there’s the thing: when people tell me they are out of touch with their guides or don’t know how to find or think about their guides it alerts me to this idea: what they are really out of touch with is themselves. Maybe they heard people on social media saying guides guides guides guides guides and then making psychic predictions and you felt left out or wondered what the hell they were talking about. You wanted a cookie too.

Listen, we’re all on our own here. Sure, we can find a community, but cultivating a relationship with God/Spirit/Christ/Vishnu/Saint Teresa/Sedna/Isis/Pan/Whatever/Whoever… you got to do it yourself, in the privacy of yourself. Walk the path. It’s like writing a book. It’s lonely. It’s a personal vision.

What does this have to do with Saturn?

Saturn went direct only a few shorts weeks ago and Saturn direct always means, to me, that we can build again, and Saturn in Pisces is all of us, building/rebuilding our spiritual supply. 

And then I stop myself in the midst of this blog post and realize that not everyone grew up religious. I grew up religious. I grew up PRAYING, in Hebrew. God was real, tangible, within reach. We talked to Him every day. It/He wasn’t some far off concept/idea/man in the sky. Prayer, the holidays, keeping kosher, keeping Shabbos, all of this in my earliest childhood was real. Real spirituality. Not everyone grows up with a practice. Not everyone grows up with a spiritual plan. So forgive me please when I yell JUST DO IT, JUST CONNECT. If you don’t have that early easy connection template then… of course you feel baffled or left out.

Here’s an idea. Start by talking to God (or pick a word any word). A conversation. Don’t wait. Just start. You can talk about the weather. You can talk about what’s hurting you. But you have to make the first move. Now is the perfect time to do it under Saturn (the rules) in Pisces (the spirit). You can talk to them absolutely any time. You can talk to them when walking or washing the dishes or sitting in meditation or praying or… anytime, anywhere. No limit.

To be continued…

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