Current Obsession: Mars In Taurus, Mars In Gemini

Last night I did a quick, slow live stream on Instagram and I drew a few cards about the Mars Uranus North Node situation which is coming out of your Taurus House, and I was saying that the Taurus people might feel swept away by it, and then it will feel like normal life, but first comes the swept away feeling and reality, and I do believe you will feel this more intensely if you have planets (or points) between 17 and 20 degrees (of the fixed signs). Will we all feel it? Yes, but everything else will vary from person to person. You, my friend, might be feeling it already.

The Scorpio people will feel an offer, an opportunity, a challenge. The Leo and Aquarius people will have mixed feelings and might have a harder time seeing the way forward (i.e. what to do, what to do). Maybe more questions than answers at least in the near future. But this is general stuff. Consult your friendly astrologer for their predictions about your chart and life and soul in particular. 

In other news: there is no other news other than retrograde outer planets (seemingly slowing things down); eclipses in the fall it wouldn’t be wrong to think about now; Mars goes retro in Gemini this year. Yes, that’s a big one.

Mars enters Gemini August 20th and leaves Gemini March 23rd, 2023. 
Mars is retrograde from October 30th 2022 until January 12th, 2023. 

And yes it’s unusual for Mars to spend SO long in a sign. The last time it happened was the Mars in Aries retro of 2020. Remember that one? I do!

My usual reminder: you want to get to know your Gemini House (time to review or learn about it for the first time) and keep this in mind:

Taurus and Gemini are adjacent signs and these two transits (Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus and the long Mars in Gemini transit that follows) are inextricably linked. Mars through Taurus doesn’t only want to show you something(s) about your life but wants you to take action/make a decision. And then come the next steps, the next actions, the next adventure which will be the long long Mars in Gemini transit.

Feels like a learning curve to me. It’s not a bad thing. Much to figure out. You’ll get a chance to slow down, spend time in the shallow end instead of just speeding through as Mars likes to do. I think you’ll get the time you need to get used to your new life and adjust your brain to the turn your life has taken.

Advice from the cards: I got the Five of Wands for you. You’ll have to sort things out with others (good to brush up on your communication skills) and this is the gist of what I was seeing last night in the cards. You can’t do what you need to do in isolation. You need feedback. You need to cooperate. And you’ll get help if you allow it. I mean, there will be many MANY who want to help and support you so maybe let them? Don’t be so defensive? It could be time for some of those walls to be gently undone or blasted into outer space. The Mars Uranus North Node transit can help you with this. You can’t keep doing things the same way. Well, you can, but why? It’s the old way.

Tarot writers often called the Five of Wands card strife or struggle and there is some of that and I asked where it leads and I got the Knight of Pentacles. You *will* get the stability you seek.

Got questions? 
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