Let Your Heart Be Pierced By The Angel (Cancer Season/Summer Eclipses/Mars in Aries!)


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A few thoughts about this week in astrology the end of June 2020 and where we are, or might be, now:

I haven’t written a forecast or a “stars and cards” here in a while. Used to do it all the time, like a lot of other stuff I used to do, like the blog. Once I got on Patreon, I started putting more “content” there and less on Facebook but let’s see if there’s anything I can quickly tell you about this week WHICH IS A BIG ONE.

It’s Cancer Season (the Sun’s in Cancer) so there’s expressive emotions and tears and belly aches and desire is strong and hot (Mars is in Aries) and Venus is no longer retrograde and the other night on the youtube live stream I was yelling about more sex in 2020 because of this long Mars in Aries transit (Mars is in Aries all the rest of this year). And maybe the sex is a metaphor. And maybe it isn’t. Mars HUNTS. Remember that.

We have a full moon eclipse this weekend (the last of three this summer) which is intensely directly magically linked to tomorrow’s Jupiter Pluto conjunction (the second of three meetings they’ll have this year. Conjunctions are fusions of energy, like a marriage). I was imploring my Patrons to dig into the Capricorn part of their chart. That’s where the big death and the big birth will be happening, for you.

Think back to 13 years ago. That’s the last time Jupiter and Pluto linked like this. Where you are now is connected to something you did, or didn’t do, then. Just as 13 years from now you’ll harvest what you plant now. And then I predicted my own death. Just another day on the Patreon 

So. Jupiter Pluto. Big death. Big birth. Big transformation. But both planets are retrograde. We’re looking back. Planets in Cancer this week bump up against Chiron (painful) and Uranus (electric) and Saturn retrogrades back to Capricorn. You may feel like you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death, but what else is new in 2020. In plain English, sort of:

We are at once exhausted and energized. Digging through boxes of memories *and* throwing them away. Moving as fast as we can and standing still. It’s a bit much. There’s a sense of cutting ties, shedding skin. The eclipse this weekend makes things final. Something is SO DONE and maybe it’s a cycle that needs to end so you can be happier or better or something. There’s something. There’s more.

From my own life: I felt things today. I felt more than usual. I got triggered. I won’t say by what. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad at all. It was like getting struck in the heart. It was like the ecstasy of Saint Teresa, and why are we here if not to FEEL (says Cancer).

The least you need to do this week, and this weekend, is feel. Let your heart be pierced by the angel. Let your mouth open wide.

"moon conjunct pluto"One more thing. About Saturn heading back to Capricorn: remember that Saturn is the rules. And Capricorn is bossy. And retrograde planets don’t want to retrograde, but they have to, at least for a little while. What I picture is you retrieving something you lost or forgot (a rule of life perhaps) and once found you’ll know WHAT NEXT which is what we all want to know and ask our Tarot cards over and over.

I’ll stop here for now.
Until next time..

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