Stories For Taurus Season (At The Beginning Of Aries Season)

I wasn’t planning on quoting John McClane to my analyst today and I try not to text my analyst. I try to keep the frame, the boundaries. But sometimes it happens, and there I was texting him, quoting John McClane: Yippee-ki-yay, mothefucker! Actually what I texted was Yippee-ki-yay, motherfuckers. With an S. And I have no idea where that came from. I’ve never said it before. And at first I thought: is this from Pulp Fiction? I couldn’t remember so I googled it. Die Hard. I saw it in the theatre. 1988.

So now it’s 2023 and I’m sitting here thinking about people and group dynamics and aggression and class today and these motherfuckers out my window leaning on their car horns and how reading about the death drive and then talking to my analyst about it days later, applying it to my life, and quoting Die Hard is so very… this sky? Every sky? Behold the mantra of March: Mars in Cancer. Saturn in Pisces. Pluto in Aquarius.

And there’s a story I want to tell, a story about today, but it has to wait. I have to savor it first. I shared the whole thing with my analyst. That’s partly what I texted him about. Revelations and a vicissitude or two.

But about this sky with its Venus Uranus conjunction. What to make of that? What to do with that? Venus is something you want, usually, love, money, and Uranus is surprising, unexpected so… the beauty will come out of the blue.

And remember the North Node is also in Taurus so we’re supposed to dig in to this energy. Taurus energy. And if there’s one thing I know about Taurus it’s that they don’t give up.

It’s said that when my father was dying, in his hospital bed, that he gave up. That he was tired. That he was done. It’s a story I’ve heard. And I don’t doubt this story, but it leaves a question because, after all, my father was a Taurus. A mega Taurus. With a Virgo Moon. And Taurus doesn’t give up. One could say perhaps that he committed to the death drive, to his Camel cigarettes, to dying the way he wanted to die. One could say something like that if one wanted to. But there’s all kinds of ways to tell a story and there’s all kinds of ways to die.

It’s Aries Season as I write to you. In a couple of weeks it will be Taurus Season but this energy is here NOW. You’re committing to something even if you don’t realize it so you may as well realize it.

To be continued…