Volcano Heart: Uranus in Taurus + Mars in Aquarius RED ALERT

"mars square uranus"
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There is So. Much. Big. News.

I feel like I’m going to be saying the same things over and over again for a while.

URANUS ENTERS TAURUS next week. May 15th.

NEW MOON IN TAURUS same day. 24 degrees.

Mars enters Aquarius same day. So we start off Uranus in Taurus with a SQUARE aspect.
Mars square Uranus.
This is a violent uprising. Fast and furious breakthrough energy.
Sort of.

The square stymies us.
In plain English: YOU ARE READY TO MOVE.
You are ready to MOVE ON.
And you can’t yet. It’s like a volcano in your heart.

I am not predicting any global mischief. Y’all know I’m a PERSONAL astrologer. What I am predicting is a violent uprising or upheaval in YOU as these transits (one long, one short) begin.

You want to find these degrees in your chart. Mars in Aquarius will go retrograde so we will get this aspect THREE times:

Check for planets or points at ZERO degrees of Taurus and Aquarius and the other fixed signs (Scorpio and Leo) because that is where the magic happens and by magic I mean EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. an out of the blue happening or surprise. Squares frustrate us. Mars wants what it wants. Uranus is wild. You may find yourself passionately chasing your desire but squares don’t let us achieve our aim easily, nope! Unexpected, unplanned for factors come into play. Frustration results. We find relief in late September. 

It could be good. Hold onto that. It could be very very good. In the long run. Blessing in disguise. You will have to find a way to weather the frustration.

I suggest you keep your Tarot cards handy. Keep your altar fired up. Book a Reading so we can talk about it one on one. Join my class. Spiritual support becomes NECESSARY not a luxury over these months.

One thing is for sure: INTERESTING SUMMER on the way.