Tough Cookie for Cancer Season

I had to take a break from everything else so that I could look at this sky. I know I’m not the only one. And I’m grateful that my clients are reaching out, old ones and new ones but C’MON SKY! Pluto is out of Capricorn (for the moment) and this is supposed to make Cancer Season better, easier. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

I was supposed to go to class today. Last class of a short summer class but I couldn’t. When I got off the train and into the coffee shop for a cheese stick and a drink, I felt nauseated and then when I got to school up to the classroom and so stuffy in there, no air flow, humidity pouring in, I said to myself, and the teacher: I don’t feel well. She asked in what way? I said: in every way.

So let’s check up on the sky: Mercury square Chiron and Saturn going retrograde. Is that it? Is that enough? Why do we feel so crappy this Cancer Season? My friend Laura alerted me to the fact that the Moon’s in Pisces today. Could this much water be un-gluing us plus Saturn so slow in the sky?

I’m also starting to wonder if Jupiter in Gemini will feel like Mercury retrograde all year and I realize I haven’t stopped to think what Pluto in Aquarius might FEEL like. That’s always the question of a Cancer. HOW DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL?

So here we are. Me feeling yucky (that’s the word for it) and… wondering what’s going on. I also need to go get half and half.

I’m gonna pull a card for this fucking day. Six of Pentacles. Hmm. Are you giving too much  and don’t realize it? Feeling depleted? Something is just not… flowing. Someone’s mad and it might be you and you may have very good reason but we’re seeing the Six of Pentacles which is so measured instead of… something more forthcoming.  Hmm. Another card: Justice. Out of balance. Both cards have scales. We’re a little off kilter but okay tell us something we don’t know.

Five of Pentacles showing up as an answer and I need to ponder this. Feels more like keep going through the snow, keep trudging through the muck and sludge. Today and this season is not a cause to give up even though your belly aches.

Asking again: What will make you feel better? King of Swords. BOUNDARIES. People drawing you into power struggle is a… big fat NO.

Remember, Cancer is a cardinal sign. Tough cookie.

Alright. Gonna stop here for now