Prepare for Pluto in Aquarius? Good Idea!

My pal Katie gave me high praise today.

I was posting on Instagram some pages from my Saturn book (Kindle screen shots) and she wrote me that my book made her cry for being seen. She’s hoping for a Little Book of Pluto. Maybe someday! It could be. She wrote “the way you handle malefics is so amazing.” Hey, a good way to start the day. Thanks, Katie ❤

Truth is we ALL need to be thinking about Pluto.

Pluto heads back to Aquarius this month. These are the preliminary moments of Pluto’s very long stay in Aquarius. Two decades coming right up! This transit has already begun, but not really. Pluto keeps retrograding back to Capricorn.

Things to start thinking about: a checklist:

-what Pluto symbolizes, generally
-what Aquarius means (and its rulers Saturn and Uranus)
-what Pluto IN Aquarius may mean for the collective. Twenty years. DAMN. (I know you’re thinking about AI)
-your personal chart’s reaction to Pluto in Aquarius
-whether you feel Aquarius as more Saturn or Uranus (explore this)
(Jeez am I supposed to do a Pluto in Aquarius class? On Facebook? Like in the days of yore??? No Zooming lol)
-also good to review (or learn) the major astrological aspects

So you’ve got to know your chart. No excuses anymore. Got to know the bare bones basics of how to read your chart so you can see what Pluto is up to (and yes I can teach you this).

Pluto is THE transformative energy. You will change as the world changes and vice versa. Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth (among other concepts) and Pluto is on the verge of leaving the spot it’s been in for YEARS in your personal chart. Pluto leaving Capricorn is as huge a deal as Pluto entering Aquarius because THE HOUSES.
Pluto took up residence in your Capricorn House (this one area of your chart) and it’s about time for you to… look back on all that. It will take some time. You might need a Pluto journal for this. (Yeah I think so.)

Death and rebirth. Endings and beginnings. I’m about to say goodbye to Pluto in my 5th House. Oh she worked her magic there. It was tumultuous to say the least. I had more bad relationships than I can count lol but I also authored two books. Love and creativity isn’t all the 5th House is about but it’s a start to my soul-searching process.

Where was Pluto in Capricorn for YOU?

Do you need a Pluto journal? Need help working through it?

You know you can reach out and we can book a reading or a series of readings (the bundles).

To be continued, dear star lovers, for the next twenty years


"Jupiter retrograde"