Chariot Breakthrough for Cancer Season

I did not think or did not realize this was the season of breakthrough.
Cancer Season.
Tears, memories, feelings but breakthroughs?
And I usually say don’t worry about the Golden Dawn astrological correspondences for the Tarot but WOW I am feeling Cancer/Chariot right now.

Or might it be Mars gaining on Uranus, both in Taurus and it’s been TWO YEARS since Mars has been in Taurus and thus meeting up with Uranus. END OF A CYCLE. Beginning of a cycle. That’s probably it or a big part of it.

Here’s the lesson. Healthy people don’t feel good in sick environments. It won’t ever fit. If you’re healthy and someone abuses you… it’s not going to be a vibrational match (as Esther Hicks would say). And when Mars hits Uranus, rubber hits the road and not just Chariot but TOWER TOWER TOWER! You make your move. The move makes you. Boom!

You feeling this?

It might not be a sick vs. well scenario but I think it is a mismatch scenario and the story got started two years ago! What was happening to you two years ago? Think back to May/June/July/August and…. September.
What ended? What began? What NEXT?

Keep passing the open windows and pass the whisky.
love love love