Thinking About Pluto In Aquarius (Part Two)

Sometimes I don’t mind when clients/students cancel (ahead of time, that is). It lets me recreate my day.

Today is cancellation day so it seems and my friend Christopher also cancelled coming to NYC (he’s not feeling well) but I’ve got an errand to run and lots of reading to do for school and my period seems to be winding down and I have that bright energy which is the energy of estrogen so I’m looking forward to this day.

Last night I got to know Otto Rank and Theodor Reik just a little (reading for school) and I feel like myself again. Hormones. They are everything.

The astrology I want to share and tying it in to some psychoanalysis that I’m reading: This idea of the birth trauma, yes the trauma of being born, out of the mother’s body and into the world.

One might say this is so clearly Pluto with Pluto’s death and rebirth themes. Pluto transits come and they, sometimes, gut us.

Inside mother’s body we have everything we need; outside the body is anyone’s guess. It might be the Ten of Pentacles out there and it might be the Five. But some might argue that the womb isn’t always sublime. If mother-to-be is under ungodly stress or for whatever reason her body/psyche is less than happy to have a guest, the womb may be a good place to leave and never look back.

Suffering is optional, saith the Buddhists, but I’m not sure they were right. I think suffering is inevitable too but we have the tools to, well, it depends on the person i.e. how you, if you, work with your suffering. That’s your free will.

Every hard transit is a death. Every hard transit is a rebirth. We are always dying and living and burning and glowing.

I’ve got clients for whom Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023 will affect them right way and profoundly. It doesn’t mean they will suffer. Really. It doesn’t. They are the early degree fixed sign people with planets or points at zero or one or two Leo/Scorpio/Taurus/Aquarius. They might get a taste of the transformation to come. One bite. Just because my transits killed me and birthed me doesn’t mean that yours will.


Pluto comes to town and Pluto wants to change you and what Pluto wants to change depends on what planet it’s affecting and what else is going on in your chart. So don’t count on suffering but don’t count on avoidance or denial.

Long before Pluto opposed my Sun it made a trine to my Ascendent. That was good. That was really good.

To be continued… 

From the wilderness,