Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto BACK TO AQUARIUS!

From my Facebook:

It’s a big week, dear star lovers. Pluto continues its Capricorn/Aquarius dance. Do you realize once Pluto enters Aquarius “for good” this year it will spend 20 years in the sign? Pluto in one part of your chart for 20 years doing what it does best: killing you and bringing you back to life. Death and rebirth.

I know Pluto well. I have a First House Pluto conjunct my Moon and three planets in Cancer so one by one, Pluto in Capricorn opposed them all… for years at a time.

We are handing the torch to the Aquarians now, to the fixed signs as Pluto (re)enters Aquarius this weekend. Yes it will retrograde back to Capricorn another time this year but… it has begun.

This Saturday: 
Sun conjunct Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn 
Sun enters Aquarius
Pluto enters Aquarius 

I said to my Patrons, I don’t know if you’ll feel it but you might! I’ll be paying attention and I think you should too. Pay attention to what? To HOW YOU FEEL of course! With such BIG BIG changes it should be….. interesting 🙂