Thinking About Pluto In Aquarius

I really don’t care about choosing my YouTube handle. I keep getting these emails.

And I continue to resist the digital revolution (been resisting for a while now) and maybe it is career suicide and maybe it’s not, but I’ve been doing this work a long time now (over a decade) and the people who need to find me usually find me. Sometimes there’s more people and sometimes there’s less but the last thing I want to do is parade myself on platforms (dancing, subtitles, reels that all look the same because they are, unboxing my Freud lol oh wait should I have done that? ha) etc etc etc etc.

If you don’t think we’re being manipulated then think again. And you might say: oh Aliza conspiracy theorist and you might say: but Aliza we always are being manipulated and yeah that’s true but now it’s faster stronger faster stronger and I need social media (for my work and daily life) but want as little of it as possible. Every day there’s 20 (200?) new astrologers or card readers or so-called spiritual teachers on YouTube while I’m looking for the one familiar face who I’ve checked in with for a long time now. Are the new ones bots? Just new on the job? The proliferation is a little, well, weird. So I was saying this blog is dead but I’m gonna do my best to keep checking in HERE. Keep writing, keep thinking.


The sky today.

Well, this isn’t about the sky today but the sky to come next year, 2023, and for many years to come and it’s Pluto in Aquarius and all the major dates of that you can google but I get a feeling. I get a few feelings when I think on this transit and the effect Pluto will have on technology including social media and robots and all manner of AI and no I don’t want a house full of Alexa devices and the internet has been a god send indeed but also ramped up and unified anti-semitism for example the likes of which terrify me. (Uranus was in Taurus during WW2.)

Pluto though can be analyzed through a personal lens i.e. your chart. And I’ve had my Pluto transits. I had my Pluto transit when I was born (it’s in my first house). I survived Pluto opposing my Sun, my Mercury, my Mars. It’s still in Capricorn. Still casting a death shadow on that Mars. It’s squaring my Jupiter now. And this isn’t to say I won’t have a few more Pluto transits in this lifetime but the ones to my Cancer planets will soon be over and done.

Pluto in Aquarius. Even now we don’t have to leave our houses or hardly ever. I think this is bad, very bad (unless necessary of course). Why is it bad? Because, for now, we are people. We need other breathers and we need trees, ground. How long before a robot brings you your DoorDash? There is going to come a time when MORE of us have YouTube channels ┬áthan those of us who don’t. The need to document one’s every move and I realize it’s also a career now but it goes beyond that. The end of loneliness is a problem. The end of introspection is a problem. The end of analysis/critical thinking is a problem.

I sound grim, don’t I? I’m not in a bad mood. I’ve been reading all morning, stuffing my face with reading, trying to catch up. The history of psychoanalysis and a mostly excellent chapter on the development of Freud’s thinking. Having a heavy period slows everything down. Then I ate real food and now I’m talking to you.

Oh and there will come a time when we won’t be able to tell the difference between “things” which should be easily seen. But here I am, in this particular resistance (it’s not political. Like a cat, I have no master.) And there may come a time when there is more resistance and entire movements and smart phones are shunned (not that I would shun my smart phone) while at the same time entire communities of people who do not leave their houses and live among the hybrids or the Alexas or…

I better stop here. Rest assured I will keep trying to do what I do and just now I was thinking how even though I’m looking for an agent for a new manuscript I want to start writing a new book but probably will have to wait for 2023.

Grateful for you and signing off for now.

From the wilderness,

"Jupiter retrograde"