The Big Astrology: August 1, 2022

So I’m learning a lot about flying which is my metaphor for trust, and I don’t mean some goofy “trust the universe” or “trust God” or even “trust yourself.”

In fact, I don’t know what I mean entirely but I’m observing something in myself. A subtle feeling. Feels a little Wheel of Fortune card but not that radical. I don’t know. Not sure yet. But you know I’ll find the words and get back to you (maybe). Virgo Moon/Mercury in Cancer over here keeps searching for the right word and humans like to interrupt but I still have to find my words.

I think this month’s astrology (end of July/early August) has something to do with it, yes it’s this Mars Uranus North Node thing which has everyone all excited and/or up in arms, and we need to talk about it and this won’t be the only time.

Keyword: trust. Keyword: flying. Letting yourself go or move towards… what? What your Taurus House has in store for you even though we have a Mars retrograde coming up (in Gemini) so there will be a revisit or a revision. A sense of humor. We need that too. Do you have one?

Anyway, the spring was so hard. Did you have a hard spring? Spring 2022, yes. But I look back on it with so much tenderness. And there are these songs I would play over and over into the hard places of that spring. I’m not there anymore. I mean, it’s summer, yes (not soooo much time has passed) but I’m not there. I moved through it all. I have the freedom to. I’ve arranged my life that way. But it’s not just that. I made a choice. And I knew, while I was going through it, that I was going through it and that it wouldn’t ever happen again, that I was finishing something and I have respect for it, for how delicate it is and how special and tender. I remember when my mother died. I knew what I was feeling, in those early days, was once in a lifetime.

So even though the spring of 2022 is long gone and never to return, we have Mars and Uranus and the North Node in Taurus (which is a spring thing! Taurus!) and they are shepherding us. It’s like the Six of Swords and the Fool and the Chariot and the Ace of Cups.

Sometimes the greatest darkness, the terrible time in your life, will bring you to the next rung on the ladder or the next step or wherever it is you need to go — in a good way. And sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you flail and moan. Sometimes it’s both. My sincere hope for you is that what’s happening in your life at the end of this month and for months to come and into 2023 will only bring you good things and that you will see them as good things and that they will be good things because isn’t it about time? It is.

Mars is your passion, your fire, your desire. Mars the hunter. You go after it. Uranus is the one energy in your chart that you cannot predict (wrote Isabel Hickey). Uranus and Mars together gives you a kind of courage but it’s more than courage, different than courage — trying to find the right word now –it’s faith/belief/trust that what you are choosing is not wrong.

So you set out on the road. You make the call. And these planets are in Taurus so somehow (unconsciously or not) you are seeking security. You’re moving, you’re acting, almost without thinking. It’s not autopilot obliviousness. It’s just knowing what you need to do, but you know what you need to do because you are listening to your life. But I also feel God (or your Higher Self) is nudging you. The North Node (in Taurus now) is the way.

So much more to say but that’s all for now. More to come–