Gnaw On The Bone Of Dissatisfaction (Part Two): The Stars Today

"who is santa muerte"

I’m having feelings today.

Remember I warned you about this weekend. To not look for happiness but instead gnaw on the bone of dissatisfaction.

My warning was all about the moon (feelings). Where did I put my book I don’t know, my book which has the details. Probably in my backpack from yesterday. In either case I woke up cheerful, checked my email and social media and just now looked out the back porch door and thought: my cat is dying. He has a treatable condition and I may change the course of treatment, we’ll see, but he’s an old cat now and one by one they are leaving me after nearly 15 years as a multi-cat household. I thought for sure he might pass this past December because Cleo did the December before and Kitty the December before that.

READ MORE ABOUT THE DEATH IN MY LIFE HERE –  at Skeleton Saint, a piece about Santa Muerte.

So you may have feelings today. You can do something with them or not. I recommend you not shove them down anyone’s throat or avoid them. The Moon is in Taurus, a sweet pretty moon and the Moon Uranus conjunction as I type here is long gone. The trine to Saturn makes us feel stable but then we get a square to Mars and we’re edgy again. Combustible.

In the chat room (you can still join) I drew the Empress as my daily draw and I felt her too! I don’t always. The Connolly deck this morning. Felt her power more than usual or maybe that’s my altar talking and altar is all like: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Because your focus (my focus) this morning is laser beam focus, the kind I like, but it’s not specific. I’m not asking anyone for anything. The candle is just burning and clearing.

ONE MORE PIECE OF ADVICE: pay attention to when and where the most intense feelings come. There’s usually an origin point. Look it in the face and if it’s an uncomfortable feeling, if you want, you can tell it fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck fuck you. I call this Fuck You Magic 🙂 If nothing else, it will make you laugh. 

See you tomorrow,
love xoxo