The Stars This Weekend: Passion Without Pain

"saturn square neptune"If you’re obsessed or distressed, I think this weekend will help you out.

Aquarius is a worker, a thinker, a worker. Not to say that Aquarius doesn’t obsess; of course they do BUT I think you’ll still feel immense relief. I told you this week would be rough (for many) and it has been (according to my sources).

Tomorrow, Saturday, it’s all pretty good: the Moon  makes sextiles to Mars, the Sun, and Saturn. There’s an inconjunct to Jupiter — which feels mostly like not knowing what to do first, what to cross off on the list first. Both Aquarius and Virgo tend to think too much but all these helpful pleasant sextiles, well, I think it will be a beautiful day for many and when was the last time you heard me say that? It’s been a while! Grab it. Hold on to it.

The easy aspects continue on Sunday: Moon sextile Mercury and Uranus in Aries.  Don’t even ask for more. You won’t need to.

What is the sextile? Earth and Water or Fire and Air. Compatible elements. This weekend we’re Fire and Air. Not so sensitive to the undercurrent or tossed away by it. And we’ve already done our grounding under the Capricorn Moon. Now we can think again. And feel pure passion. Passion without pain.


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