Go West: More Thoughts on Pluto in Aquarius

Talking to my sister about going West. West with a capital W.

It came up in conversation because Taos came up in conversation with someone else and I knew my sister had been there.

What might it mean? I know the directions (North South East West) have all kinds of resonances and correspondences in various spiritual systems, but I drew a blank, didn’t feel like Googling.

So I tuned in and I “felt” the word UNKNOWN and then I felt the word WILD. And just now I felt the word EMPTY.

And then I remembered that poem I wrote after visiting the Scorpio in Las Vegas who said to me, about the stretch of land we were driving through, that I mistakenly called a desert:

“This isn’t the desert,” he said. “It’s a wasteland. In the desert there’s hope.”

Was he talking about us? I realize this now. Our relationship went nowhere, hard and fast. I’ll probably never talk to him again which makes me then associate to PLUTO FINALLY LEAVING MY FIFTH HOUSE this year.

I’d love to list their names but I won’t. The names of the men of Pluto in Capricorn in my Fifth House. It’s a calendar waiting to happen. A calendar of blood, tears, rage, regret, longing, emptiness.

Ya know, I was thinking about doing a Pluto in Aquarius class, even posted about it on my Patreon, but I realize I don’t have the time. Maybe over summer break? Get a reading instead. We can talk about Pluto one-on-one. We can talk about anything. I’ve been doing this work a long time now and I know we have to say goodbye to Pluto in Capricorn properly, the only question is how.

Remember this week we have a New Moon in Capricorn. Here we go again, beginning and ending, death-ing, rebirthing. At school this afternoon I found myself (occupational hazard) telling someone about her Pluto in the First House transit and I said to her Cancerians the world over are breathing a sign of relief with Pluto finally abandoning its project of destroying us. One by one, Pluto opposed my Sun, Mercury, and Mars. I’ve lived to tell. So far. (I made a t-shirt once: ASK ME ABOUT MY PLUTO TRANSIT.)

New Moon this week. What seed are you planting as we wind down our days with Pluto in Capricorn? Make it a good one. Plant it deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep into the earth, into the core.

To be continued!