The Hope Is Deep: Moon Trine Pluto Today

The body of work is the LIFE itself.
That is the body of work.
I am a writer. Always was. Poet, playwright, blogger.
But the body of work is more than poems written, poems published, plays produced, revised, other writing…
The body of work is the life.
That’s how I feel. That’s how I live. So it’s my readings, my blog posts, the classes, all the social networking, the Instagram posts — all of it is my body of work. And there’s a lot of it! Across the platforms is a story.

It’s the food and the house and the animals and the technology. It’s the old MacBook. It’s the old friends back in my life. It’s the hope for love. It’s the love arriving right on time like Amazon Prime. It’s those big leafy plants outside my window I forget the name of and the little red bird, not a cardinal, that orange cat asleep on the desk next to the Tarot cards. It is all these things.

This is on my mind because:

1. Mercury is retrograde and Mercury retrograde will examine the past. In VIRGO, Mercury looks back with a critical eye. So I caution you.

2. Rebirth is possible. 
With a little time and a little grace I believe it does become possible.
What is required: silence. Space.
Soon you’ll be doing those pushups once again 😉 the real ones.

Moon trine Pluto today. Emotional rebirth. What do I mean by this? WE CAN HAVE NEW FEELINGS. YOU can have new feelings. Maybe you’ve never felt relief before. Or not for a long time. Or pleasure. Or giddy joy.

Hope is not enough. You have to get. Today you get. Today you get fed. Your needs get met not by some measly fast moving “inner” planet like Mercury or Venus or whatever but by PLUTO.

Nobody wants you dead. You can begin today. You can start today. I will start today too. Like the rain that slides off that giant leaf outside my window is starting today as it falls. And the bird that landed on it. And the cat cleaning his perfect fur. It’s all perfect. Don’t you see?

I see it. I feel it. THIS is the morning after even though the Eclipse was just hours ago.

Make sense?


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