The Stars This Weekend: Mama Fish

"south node in pisces"Do you want more Neptune?

Venus enters Pisces tomorrow. We have no choice.
More Neptune. More Jupiter too (if you want the traditional ruler).

No other exact aspects this weekend except from the Moon in Taurus and then Moon in Gemini.

We’ll have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Chiron, and the South Node — all in Pisces. 

What this massive Pisces download can help you with:

From my Facebook this morning:

You do know how to do what you think you don’t know how to do.
What helps is going into trance and discovering key past lives… for guidance.
Then you’ll know how to act. Then it will become clear.
Who you are. What must be done. And what’s bound to happen.

This morning I felt afraid about something.
I said to myself: I don’t know how to do this. 

And so I did my thing, which I don’t have a name for – trance, mediation, visualization, shamanic journey. Whatever it is, it’s how I get to the truth. My own method of clairvoyance which I developed week after week (without realizing it) in my mediation class which sadly is no longer (and I left town anyway so…)

Stop trying to force every little thing.

But how? But why? It’s Jupiter North Node in Virgo so aren’t we supposed to map this?

Well, Jupiter is retrograde and this is Pisces Season and, at the very least, ASK A DIFFERENT QUESTION.

Ask the question you never ever ask, the one you’re too afraid to ask. The one you don’t think to ask. Think it now. And then do your thing.

Do you draw cards for yourself? For others? Ever notice it’s the same questions over and over, same type, same style, a narrow rotation. Yeah, I know you do.

They talk about Scorpio Season being the “veil is thinning” season.
Pisces Season is no veil.