Are You Serious? More Thoughts About Saturn In Pisces

Already I’m thinking about this month’s New Moon in Pisces. February 19th.

We have a Venus Pluto link on that day (a good one) and Venus enters Aries. Fireworks in a thunderstorm are still fireworks, right? Pisces Season with Venus in Aries. I’m sure you know one or two of them in real life (Pisces Sun/Aries Venus).

But here’s why it’s on my mind. BECAUSE SATURN. Because Saturn enters Pisces March 7th and it will roll over that New Moon degree and yes Pluto will enter Aquarius too in March and Mars will enter Cancer (after spending so long in Gemini) and all of it matters. The world is not what it was.

Has your life changed?

It probably changed in 2022 (maybe around the time Mars entered Gemini or close to it) and now you’re living it. But you might not know how to live it.

So I’m a student again. It took time for it to sink in and it’s more integrated now inside me, but maybe not completely yet and maybe complete is an illusion. Who was I? Who am I now? Who am I as a student? What is this path?

What questions are you asking yourself? 

Saturn entering Pisces is, well, it depends where it will land in your chart so get in touch to book a Reading (and Patreon folks DM me first) if you want my two or three or four cents on the matter but in the meantime know this:

Saturn is maturity and Pisces is timeless. Saturn is conscious; Pisces is unconscious. Saturn is the rule of the day and Pisces is your dream. How can we possibly live under this energy?

One way to think about it: time (Saturn) to get Serious (Saturn) about your dream (Pisces).

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"