Full Moon In Libra: Death Blooms

Grief is like heat. These days, it feels to me like heat, and I feel like it crawls on little feet, up the neck, down the neck. I know what you’re thinking: it’s a hot flash, honey. But seriously. There’s a lot of grief these days, too much, and plenty to go around.

So we’re in Eclipse Season and we have a Full Moon coming in Libra and relationships are changing and relationships are ending (Libra is all about relationships!) and this isn’t always a bad thing and it is a fact and my guides this morning told me pretty much not to fight the feeling (sorry for the REO Speedwagon) but to go with it. What choice do we have anyway? To divert it? We can try! Going with it is one way. Observing it is another way. There’s all kinds of ways but what I want to tell you is this:

This Full Moon in Libra is Pluto infused which means you are going to want to hold on and it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt the more you hold and it will be just as bad if/when you let go. I’m sorry. I know you want to control something you have no control over and the Full Moon is here (followed by an eclipse) to show it (person, place, thing, idea, habit) the door but also to bring you a promise of something new and just as I wrote that I saw in my mind’s eye a huge bouquet of beautiful flowers AND THEY WEREN’T DEAD.

Imagine that, dear star lovers. Your favorite Mama MoonPluto had a vision of beautiful blooming flowers. So maybe we’ll all be okay. Maybe we will make it through this spring eclipse 2022 with our feathers intact.

Listen, I know what it is to have a feeling that feels intolerable. That if you keep on feeling it you’ll die. Grief can feel like that. So can murderous rage and so can ALL the feelings worth feeling. Yeah. I said it. It’s worth it to feel the feelings.

A wise person said to me once: we’re all gonna die so wouldn’t you rather LIVE with this extreme experience? This peak? Probably not! Nevertheless, if this is where you’re at, then it’s where you’re at and the Full Moon in Libra is gonna help you say goodbye. Just make sure to also accept the flowers. They are yours too.

Much love