Feeling Frazzled? Stop the Flow (Jupiter in Gemini)

I don’t know anyone who isn’t feeling frazzled right now. Gemini Season *and* Jupiter in Gemini? Yeah. That’ll do it. Sometimes I wonder if a good night’s sleep is a thing of the past. The mind won’t stop. It can feel like too much. My intuition is to go ahead and pull a few cards so let’s dig in.

(But first: Why might Jupiter in Gemini be stressful? Jupiter is a A LOT and Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is your mind. Overthinking. Analysis paralysis. Attention diverted. Attention destroyed. Spacey, distracted, sleepy, hyper. Fast mind but slow to put the sentence together. If words are birds then your brain is a bird brain.)

What to do? Time alone. Sit in the dark. Turn off the phone. Stop the flow. The Hermit card is here.

Just one card for now. I’ll be back.