Selective Forgetting: SUN ENTERS GEMINI May 20th!

"uranus in taurus" Prepare for things to speed up even more.

How to do this? Get enough sleep. Rest. That’s how you prepare. So you don’t get too frazzled. May 20th the SUN ENTERS GEMINI which maybe wouldn’t feel like such a big deal any other year but in the context of Uranus changing signs (you may have felt jittery) AND the recent slowness and frustration of Mercury retrograde in Aries (and other assorted transits). Life has been FRUSTRATION. Ten of Wands. Five of Pentacles. A real pain in the ass for a lot of folks.

My advice?  Take the Gemini energy coming in and run with it, but in this way specifically:

Let yourself forget what has hurt you so much over these last weeks. Selective forgetting is a Gemini trait, don’t you think? Seeing what you want to see in part because there’s something ELSE to see. Choose this. Choose to see the other, less stressful thing.

Make sense? 

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