The Stars This Week: THIS Is Why You’re Here

jupiter square pluto

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And now for the Stars This Week:

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius.

We can lighten up. Now, this happens under a busy Virgo Moon but you know the Moon moves fast. The combination of Sag/Virgo is always an interesting one. They are both intellectual signs but Virgo is detailed small picture and Sag, they say, sees the forest and not the trees at all. Sagittarius is the eternal optimist anything is possible person and Virgo says “um, I’m not so sure and here’s why…”

Tomorrow continues to be bright but still a work day under the Virgo Moon. Mercury, your mind, conjoins the Sagittarius Sun. HOPEFUL and ready. And then Wednesday the mood is more serious as Mercury conjoins SATURN in Sag with the Moon in Libra. Who is on your side, hmm? You give them the benefit of the doubt.

So we have this new energy of the Sagittarius Sun rushing in and it’s BIG. Big light. Big hope and possibility. I know not everyone is feeling this but, believe me, even if your corner of the world feels bleak this energy EXISTS and you can lean on it, breath it in. Breathe in the aroma of Sagittarius 😉

Now, Thursday brings us something intense which needs its own blog post so I will put that on my to-do list for this week: Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto for the first time (since this Jupiter in Libra transit).

To understand this we have to understand Pluto (it can be dark in there!) and we have to understand that Jupiter expands what it touches and Libra is partnership and these new partnerships have a Pluto tint to them and whatever is happening around 15/16 degrees in your chart is inflating like a balloon. Is that something you want? I’m not sure you have a choice. It’s GROWING. 15/16 Capricorn in your chart is getting fat. Is this good? Do you like it? Feel it?

Your Pluto isn’t alone anymore. And that may freak you out. To let someone into your Pluto, to let someone see your Pluto and even if you get okay about that? They may not be okay about that. And then oh yes on Friday we have the exact Venus Pluto conjunction and Venus square Jupiter.

Weekend brings us some Mercury aspects but let me save that for later. Let’s stick for a minute with this Jupiter/Venus/Pluto situation.

You really do have to consider the house of your chart – where that Pluto is transiting because that’s what getting a boost but Pluto in and of itself will signify sex and obsession, intensity, transformation. Jupiter is making it big and Venus is putting a gloss on it so more may be revealed in the coming weeks, the underbelly.

What I don’t like is  you may find yourself not able to let go and experience life and instead fall into manipulative or calculating behaviors.

My wish for you is just to try to stay present, as someone said to me last night. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the Venus Pluto squared by Jupiter moment.

That Venus Pluto is your LIFELINE. It’s your blood, your heart, your sex. It’s WHY YOU ARE HERE at this time.

Does this make sense to you? This passion? Venus on Pluto makes Pluto not as scary but hotter. The Jupiter square forces you to deal with it because squares are not so comfortable and there are simply not enough hours in the day for all the Venus Pluto you want to get done. Remember we are dealing with the sign of Capricorn here who wants to climb the mountain and succeed.

Jupiter in Libra = you are not alone. Jupiter in Libra aspecting that Venus Pluto is like… trying to debate sense into a man or woman in the throes of orgasm. Good luck with that.

And yet you will come and you will be done and there will be a baby. This is a metaphorical baby my dears. Pluto is death and REBIRTH, remember?

Suddenly I’m thinking about twins —  no, triplets — emerging from your Capricorn House womb.

Are you ready to live? Tell me what it would take.


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