New Moon In Sagittarius: TRUTH

"moon square neptune"

I want to talk to you about Neptune and love and fear — in part because Neptune is direct now. In part because the New Moon in Sagittarius will square Neptune and the truth can be hard to find and define, even on a good day. Sagittarius is the truth teller, to a fault, we are told. Foot in mouth even, we are told. Sagittarius as an energy may inflate and exaggerate (the storyteller) and Sagittarius square Neptune??? Don’t even look for the truth. Just LIVE.

On my Facebook I was talking about this Neptune problem today. About the problem of Neptune pain and Neptune longing and talking to clients about similar and from my own experience (which I have so much of, sooo much Neptune experience) that these situations that activate our Neptune, these situations require our love and gentleness and care, just as we require loving gentle caring people in our lives. Neptune as the higher octave of Venus. Love. Not escapism, not drugs, not martyrdom. Let it be love instead.

When someone leaves you? Let them go. This is also Neptune. Let it dissolve. You can long all you want but briefly, please. Easier said than done? Yes.

I also want to encourage your big dreams, big big big dreams under this New Moon. Sagittarius does BIG best of all. Don’t let the Neptune scare you. You may feel lost or sad (Moon square Neptune!) But it’s really okay for you to be here just as you are. It’s really okay for you to be here,  just as you are.

This week is intense. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with my blogging. Lots of readings this week and writing and a workshop to finish planning for so do follow or friend me on Facebook to keep up with daily sky updates.

If you want a New Moon in Sagittarius reading, I will probably have time to do a few. These are 15 minutes (by email or Messenger) and $35.

New Moon in Sagittarius. 7 degrees. November 29th.