Gemini Season: Now With More Saturn

I’ve been blogging for over a decade (wow) although I deleted years of blog posts a few months ago. And I just heard the news that the legendary Tina Turner (a Sagittarius) has died and I’m looking at the class options for fall 2023 as I continue my psychoanalytic training course work. I’m thinking about commitment. I’m thinking about Saturn. I’m thinking about Gemini Season. Saturn (in Pisces for the next couple years) makes a hard aspect to Gemini Season but that doesn’t mean you get to give up.

I don’t mean this blog post to be a rallying cry. That wouldn’t be me, would it? But I am thinking about life and death and choices and disappointments and what next and what’s worth living for.

It’s Gemini Season so yeah you might suddenly have more ideas than you know what to do with. Yeah stay busy is my advice not that you need my advice except for the Saturn piece. It’s okay to crawl into a Saturn-sized hole but make sure you come back out.

Now I’m not saying that Saturn in Pisces is bad or a bad placement. But I am saying that this weekend we have an exact Sun Saturn square which basically means you may feel hopeless. Whatever you’ve got planned, whatever the dreams were or are… it might look like they aren’t coming true and maybe they’re not. Maybe they’re not. Saturn the Reality Check. Saturn the Test. Saturn the Taskmaster. Saturn the Motherfucker. Etc.

Yesterday I was talking to a client with some important Virgo placements and Saturn is bearing down on her right now and I explained what I felt it meant and I explained what I was feeling and she agreed with my assessment and I wish I could remember what I told her because I told her a thing or two about how to measure her life in Saturn time and how to make sense of it all and what to do next. But readings for me are altered states and if I remember then I remember and sometimes I do. Saturn is a mirror. All the transits are.

Saturn is opposing my Ascendent as I type this. It’s not exact, but it doesn’t need to be. I can wait.

To be continued…