New Moon Eclipse In Scorpio: Good Enough Coat

Let’s talk about the sky right now.

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So I tried to do a podcast for about six miles or so. I need to check the app on my phone but I was walking and talking and deleting and I was trying to bring to you the metaphor of the COAT so let me write about it here and now, simply, quickly.

I’ve got Venus in Leo. We’ve all got Venus somewhere. She wants what she wants. My Venus in Leo always wants a winter coat with some flair and sweep and a dramatic hood and I can never seem to find what I want and my Virgo side takes over (i.e. practicality) so Venus goes without and this year I tried again. Even went to a DEPARTMENT STORE a big store and the prices were SO HIGH I went home empty handed (although I bought something else that day) and later that week bought a coat on line that fit some of my specifications although not for the coldest weather and it was on sale so no returns and I thought okay the price is right. Maybe it’ll be too big. Maybe too small. Maybe too heavy. Maybe too light. No way to know and no return.

I wore it today for the first time and I liked it a lot although it is a little too big. The sleeves are too long. It’s too heavy! There’s all these things kinda wrong with it and all these things kinda right with it and the key is… perspective. 


You are likely gonna feel that your coat and your LIFE is not right. So I’m here to tell you to slow down. For eclipse season. And don’t throw everything away.

Yes it’s a South Node eclipse i.e. release.
Yes it’s a South Node eclipse i.e. loss.
Yes it’s a South Node eclipse i.e. death.
Yes it’s a Scorpio eclipse and you will feel it intensely and too much and it might hurt a little or a lot and everything will feel like a bad coat, a sad coat, a worn out coat, a coat with more holes than fabric. You will feel like your life doesn’t fit. And it doesn’t. It doesn’t fit. Not anymore. It’s eclipse season.

And yet.

And yet I would prefer that you hold on and not count yourself out and believe me I feel it too.

Scorpio South Node Eclipse ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I don’t care what Venus is doing (and she’s right there in Scorpio with the Sun and the Moon) and I don’t care how many astrologers are all rah rah rah this eclipse is SO GREAT. Eclipses always throw us around a little so get your pillows ready and your soft place to land and keep passing the open windows. Promise me!

To be continued

"saturn in capricorn"