The Stars This Weekend: You Care A Lot

I took an UNofficial hiatus – but I’m gonna try to be back.
If you missed me, let me know. If you didn’t, carry on 🙂

Time slows to a snail’s pace today as Mars squares Neptune.
As Mars SATURN squares Neptune.
Is this all you need to know? No but…

Let’s put it this way – we’re under a mutable Grand Cross today.
What does such a configuration do? IT SLOWS US DOWN.

Gemini Moon + Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius + Neptune and Chiron and South Node in Pisces + Jupiter and North Node in Virgo —

For my purposes here, I am ignoring degrees.
It’s SIGNS that square and we’re being crossed today, we’re being vexed, hexed, you name it.

What helps? Not being so hard on yourself and FRIDAY is more of the same so stop stop STOP that negative self-talk.

I’ve been on a  steady diet of Abraham Hicks lately and prayer and meditation and last night? Well, last night the negative thoughts came pounding and I felt powerless to stop them. Finally got to sleep and thought: I BETTER GET BACK TO THE BLOG.

So you can thank the mutable Grand Cross for that. 

The weekend:

Cancer Moon (emotional, defensive), and Mercury has NOT gone retrograde yet (save that for August 30th, Tuesday) – and lovely lovely lovely Venus Mercury Jupiter conjunction in Virgo!

Optimism returns this weekend but still some fear in the mix (Cancerian security fears) but a well aspected weekend overall.

Typical Moon in Cancer shenanigans including the opposition to Pluto and square to Uranus but you are familiar with that energy, that your emotions will go up and down like a roller coaster PAR FOR THE COURSE my darlings and Cancer Moon sextiles that Virgo stellium.

Sextiles make for good energy and pleasant people; this is an ethical aspect.
You care. You care a lot.

And then on Monday? Venus enters Libra..

To be continued.. 

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