The Stars This Week: Saturn Square Neptune (Part One)

"venus sextile chiron"I want to talk about next week but first let’s talk about RIGHT NOW. 

Mercury enters Gemini tonight (it’s not there yet – as I type this.)

Communication speeds up and you will feel more scattered. Much to do (which is good if you are like me) but with Neptune going retrograde tomorrow? Could feel a bit overwhelming. Which way are you going? Backwards? Forwards? Umm, I don’t know! Hi Neptune retrograde!

As I wrote on my Facebook just now: breathe. Breathe again.

You don’t have to sort it all this week or get it all done. Perhaps limit your caffeine intake!

Neptune retrograde. See previous two posts. Here and here.
Moon in Libra (partnership) in good aspect to Saturn (maturity).
You get along well with others. Two adults having adult interaction BUT Venus makes two wonky aspects on Monday. Your self-esteem? Meh. It’s been better. You don’t feel you look so hot and that hurts. And yet Gemini can adapt to the situation so… ADAPT! Adapt to feeling shitty, MoonPluto? In a word: YES. Sometimes it’s like that. And besides which we have OTHER transits to deal with. Read on, my loves.

Sun follows Venus to sextile Uranus. I consider this a lucky aspect but not as sweet. The Sun is a yang masculine vibration. Initiating, creating energy. Takes more energy!!!

The Venus Uranus sextile may have been a positive social interaction. It was for me. Sun Uranus is more about your… possibly your work. Definitely your outlook AND NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER under Sun Uranus. Sun Uranus asserts HERE I AM THIS IS ME  (although the signs of course will adjust this tendency). Brash, bold but of course more cooperative and kind than the square (for example).

Also on Tuesday: Moon in Libra still doing what Libra does these days – opposing Uranus and squaring Pluto.

LIBRAS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND; forget about DEGREES. ALL the cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra) are squeezed by Uranus and Pluto for the duration, for the entire transit (of Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn). I am a degree-watcher. I admit it. Pluto won’t ALWAYS oppose my Sun while in Capricorn but there will be issues of POWER (struggles or not) the entire time Pluto is in Cap opposing (generally) my Cancer stellium. Aren’t you glad I brought this up?? 

Again, the Sun in Gemini follows what Venus did – more wonky aspects – but Sun instead of Venus – is brash, less accommodating (Sun inconjunct Mars UGH and Sun square Chiron UGH again). Moon enters Scorpio in the morning.

In plain English: low vitality. Save yourself, save your energy. Nine of Wands feeling. Hide away. If you can’t hide away don’t be surprised to find your energy waning (more likely if you are Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, or Sag).

Skipping Thursday, let’s talk FRIDAY:
Saturn (retrograde) square Neptune and Venus enters Cancer. Moon in Sagittarius. FUCK. What a day.

We need to talk about this Saturn Neptune jizz but I think I’ll wait until later in the week. I need to compose myself. The heat has really worn me out today and I think my brain is done with its brain work for the day.

But I have been thinking about this aspect – especially in relation to my own chart because I feel a mystery (to paraphrase Sarah Mclaughlin). Saturn in Sagittarius is my 4th House and it’s loud and clear what the hell that’s about but my 7th? As empty as can be and no NEW dissolvements. 

That said, the week is young. It’s not Friday yet. This aspect is building. And it isn’t the first time we’ve had it! I may indeed hear from a 7th House person or situation (and I am interpreting this strictly as a romantic counterpart) before then. Hmm. I could use a little entertaining of that variety.

Saturn: the RULES. Authority. The adult. Boss man or woman. INTEGRITY. Discipline. Structure. What you MUST do. What you cannot look away from. What you must take care of. What you must tend to. Ignore Saturn at your own dumbass risk.

Neptune: sees what it wants to see, usually an ideal or potential of some kind and the LONGING OMG. The longing. For me this is often religious devotional longing as well. And now that I’m going to spiritual services on Sunday it’s all active up in there for me but… there’s no conflict there and squares are conflicts so (see, this is astrological thinking at work). What the hell is this 4th House 7th House square about for me when I have no 7th situation to speak of.

Neptune is the art project. Saturn is the teacher grading you VERY CAREFULLY.


And whether you want to take the test or not, it’s before you. You need a pencil and a desk and some quiet. You also need love. The “cure” for Saturn is love. To jump through Saturn’s rings and rungs lovingly. You know I’m right. Think about it.


To be continued…


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