So What About This Neptune Retrograde? Does It Even Matter? (part 2)

"neptune retrograde" I’m not much of a Neptune fan these days. Or ever.

Usually when I talk to people it’s a Neptune *problem* they are trying to solve or become aware of.

And we use words like “discern” or we tell them to call their Virgo type friends, to help them see clearly.

And all this is true. Neptune sees the potential. Neptune sees the ideal.

I have a Neptune Saturn opposition in my chart. I flip back and forth between Neptunian flying high and Saturn hard cold concrete. He’s amazing! He’s shit! (He’s neither…)

And yet Neptune is art and imagination and the higher octave of Venus and that feeling I feel so strongly for the Divine. That’s Neptune. The longing. The devotion. That’s not Venus and lipstick. I’ve felt it since I was a child. Not Venus and lipstick but Neptunian spiritual (religious) feeling. Take me to a holy place and I’m at home. Neptune isn’t about appearances!!! If you learn ONE THING from me today learn that. Neptune is invisible. Neptune is a response. You feel it.

My North Node is in Pisces (ruled by Neptune). I err on the side of Virgo and save the Pisces for special occasions or when my Virgo has run me into the ground in circles.

And you? Share share share please!

So last week I went to this church and I hope to go again and this church – there was a pamphlet of prayers, affirmations, and I read them and they take me to my Neptune just as praying the Jewish prayers takes me to my Neptune or reading the Edgar Cayce material. It makes me connect. Connect to something I can only feel and it feels like… love? Neptune higher octave of Venus. The elevation of the soul. I can’t explain it but I try!

So what about this Neptune retrograde? Does it even matter? As I wrote before it matters most if it aspects something of YOURS but honestly I am finding it hard to stick to a point of view about this one – other than the usual – some person some situation from the past comes back for another turn and it’s happening in your Pisces House. My 7th. Details to come.

And, yes, you may be more psychic for the retrograde.

Thoughts on this? What do you notice about Neptune retrograde? 


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