THE LIST: Jupiter Conjunct The North Node In Virgo

To Do ListReflecting on the upcoming Jupiter North Node conjunction in Virgo later this month and what that may mean for us —

And WOW I drew the Devil upon reflection and thus thinking our attachment to the South Node Pisces point has quite a hold on us indeed and one more card draw, the THREE OF SWORDS.

This is a potent transit not to be ignored. Do you want to be free? Really? Do you???

It is painful. Jupiter is there showing us the way forward in aching detail but we rather hang out in our addiction, our lazy, our easy, our victimhood and self sabotage, OUR COMPLAINTS (how many people do you know who complain nonstop?), our fruitless wheel spinning daydream.

Wake up my lovelies.


I just added this to my Facebook. I think it fits:

Use water to let the dream die. Neptune goes retrograde. You have a beautiful dream that must die. Neptune retrograde + plus Saturn retrograde squaring it. It’s painful and it hurts but better to acceot reality. A proper burial. I am picturing a faucet. Sink. Letting the water run over it. Let it dissolve. It’s so easy. Water runs. Ink fades. Hearts heal. God wants you to face uncomfortable facts. It wasn’t meant to be. But letting it die = room for better. Yes I know it feels like a stake in your heart but you’re not meant to have a Three of Swords life. You’re meant for Greatness. Six of Wands. Ten of Pentacles. Empress!

It’s up to you really. You want to sink into South Node Neptune quicksand OR go virgo virgo VIRGO. The choice is yours. 

What does Virgo want from you? To be MINDFUL. Pay attention.

Reverend Jennifer at church on Sunday spoke of putting feet on prayers.
Don’t just hope (Neptune/Pisces).
You must Do.


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